Why San Diego Is Thriving As An Innovative Hotspot


San Diego is one of the most well-known cities in the United States, but relatively few citizens are aware of its important role as an innovative hotspot that’s unique in the world. While Silicon Valley draws popular media attention, plenty of technological marvels are being discovered across San Diego, especially with the huge number of young people who are flocking to the city.

Here’s an exploration of why San Diego is thriving as an innovative hotspot right now, why the city’s star isn’t likely to fade anytime soon, and what’s gone into making it such an innovative powerhouse.

It all comes down to people

There’s no way to become an innovative hotspot without having access to huge sums of talented individuals ready and willing to work together. That’s great news for San Diego, which was positively showcased in a recent report from the Brookings Institute entitled “The Case For Growth Centers.” That report illustrates the extent to which San Diego has not only endured but thrived in the midst of the digital transformation that’s upsetting the global economy; San Diego gained about 19,949 jobs in innovative industries between 2005 and 2017, per the report.

A group of cities consisting of San Francisco, Seattle, San Jose, Boston, and finally San Diego made up almost 23 percent of the entire country’s innovative employment in 2017. Besides demonstrating the attractive allure of the West coast in general, this also illustrates why San Diego is likely to keep growing for the foreseeable future.

Young people are attracted to the city like bees to honey, which is why San Diego Video Production and other innovative companies have been springing up like weeds across the region. As a hotbed for biotech in particular, the city has been drawing in millennials who have become an essential part of its thriving economy. These relatively young professionals will ensure the city has a robust workforce to call upon for years to come. As a city that cares about education, it’s clear to see why talented and well-educated young professionals are making a beeline for San Diego.

The exciting story of how San Diego went from being a sleepy surfer town to a thriving urban region that’s churning out marvelous technological innovations is worth exploring in depth. For the most part, the startup mentality of its entrepreneurs who were willing to risk everything in the name of success has contributed beyond anything else. A lovely natural environment and enjoyable nightlife also render it incredibly attractive to tourists, which is likely why so many people from around the world flock to San Diego to contribute to the ongoing innovation spree.

San Diego is particularly excellent for startups, which are the beating heart of the tech world in this day and age. Its tax code isn’t necessarily great for established businesses, however, which presents an ideal opportunity for reform to encourage further growth. Over time, San Diego will doubtlessly keep improving itself in order to retain its status as one of the most innovative tech hotspots in America.


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