Unlicensed Professionals Pose Holiday Dangers


As the holiday season draws nearer with each passing day, millions of people around the country are investing their money in services provided by local, often unlicensed professionals. News outlets, government officials, and industry experts from a wide variety of sectors are beginning to raise awareness about the dangers posed by unlicensed professionals who offer lackluster or illegitimate services.

Here’s an exploration of the dangers of unlicensed professionals, and what you need to know to enjoy a safe and fruitful holiday season.

Beware of unlicensed locksmiths

There are few unlicensed professionals more dangerous than unlicensed locksmiths, largely because they can gain access to your home by convincing you to give them your house keys. To claim that these individuals are unlicensed professionals isn’t to say they’re merely posing as locksmiths; some indeed are actual locksmiths, usually at an amateur level of competency. The reason they’re called unlicensed is that they lack formal credentials, an actual business, and methods of holding them accountable. Whereas a licensed locksmith can be trusted with the keys to your home (it’s part of their job) you’ll be taking a serious gamble by giving those same keys to an unlicensed professional without a company or history of accountability behind their work.

Local news stories around the country can attest to the fact that unlicensed locksmiths are particularly dangerous – indeed, they’re perhaps the most threatening of unlicensed professionals precisely because they gain access to your home as a necessary aspect of their work. In the holiday season, this can be particularly dangerous, as many people vacation or journey elsewhere for religious, family, or relaxation purposes, thus leaving your home undefended while they have access to it.

Your home is simply too valuable to leave it in the hands of an unlicensed professional – in the worst case scenario, your own physical security could be imperiled by such a decision. A locksmith in Greece ny is much more likely to prove legitimate than somebody with internet advertisements but no formal webpage or company to back them up. It’s thus always important to check the credentials and authenticity of professionals from any industry before investing your money and security in their work.

How are these unlicensed professionals thwarted? Undercover stings can take them down, but more often than not these individuals go unpunished until they commit some crime or violate an ethical policy and find themselves caught red-handed in the act. Unlicensed contractors of any sort are generally a perilous bunch, and you should be familiar with how they can cost you big if you decide to trust them.

Make sure that your contractors or holiday professionals have the proper licensing and insurance needed to operate in your local area. Do plenty of research online, and search for reviews made by other customers before spending your money. Above all else, exercise common sense and be wary of who you give access to your home. Follow this advice, and your holiday season will go off without a hitch.


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