UK Women Spend 1.15 Bn Pounds on Skin Care products


For a long time, women have made headlines when it comes to how far they can go to make their skins look beautiful. In 2018 alone, the global skincare market size amounted to $134.8Billion, with a projection of expanding by 4.4% for the next five years, and this seems possible. Currently, the beauty industry’s value is around $532billion and counting. 2018 was the peak year since the money spent at personal care salons rose to £7.6billions in the UK alone.

British women have proven those findings to be right after details have surfaced, indicating that they spend a whooping £1.15 Billion on skincare products. That is after the sudden increase in the use of specific products such as deep cleansers and day and night creams. If you check the statistics, you will conclude that it is just the beginning. The number will rise even further in the coming few years.

Which products are the UK spending so much on?

There is a wide range of products that different women use for them to end up with excellent skin. Nowadays, Online portals contain many of these products, including skin serums, mineral sunscreens, among others. There are also specific products that nearly every UK woman is purchasing. Some of these products include:

Face wash

Facial cleansers are popular skincare products in the UK, with 92% of the women applying them. From the total, Face wash occupies a considerable chunk of 55% of the total while other cleaners share the rest. The face wash is a cosmetic product that offers deep cleansing. Women mostly use it to remove makeup as well as dead skin, dirt, and oil from the face. Cleansing helps women to balance moisture on the skin.

Facial cleansing wipes

According to facial cleansing wipes statistics, 27% of women in the United Kingdom use facial cleansing wipes at least once every day. Another 16% of the women use facial wipes at least a couple of times every week. It means that a large percentage of women purchase these skincare products. In 2017, the use of facial cleansing wipes was at 45% compared to other products. The percentage rose to 54% in 2018, and research indicates it is going to rise further in the coming few years. Facial cleansing wipes offer women an easy way to cleanse their skins while removing makeup.

Micellar water

Even though many women in Britain don’t use micellar water, it is quite a popular skincare product. 10% of those who use the product apply it daily, while 7% use it a couple of times every week according to Micellar water statistics. 8%, on the other hand, use it less often. Micellar water ranks third when it comes to the most used skincare products in the UK. It rose from 19% in 2017 to 27% in 2018. Those three are so far the main reason why facial cleansers are trending in the UK. It is also the category that women are mostly exploiting. One can check for reviews and compare various properties of micellar water from reputed skincare sites like

Day cream and night cream

Another category of skincare products is face-caring products. These include anti-aging creams, skin regenerators, and skin rejuvenators, wrinkle elimination among many others. Over the past years, statistics about-face caring products indicate that day cream and night cream has been rising through the ranks with day creams coming from 59% in the year 2017 to a staggering 66% in 2018. A similar increase is on night creams, which have risen from 39% to 48% in 2017 and 2018, respectively. A large amount of the money spent on skincare products by women in the UK goes to both day creams and night creams.

SPF products

Many women in the UK are also spending too much money on products with sun protection factors popularly known as the SPF factor. That is despite the fact that 40% of these women have no idea how much SPF they should use. The reason why most women in the UK are spending so much money on SPF products is that 72% of them use skincare products believe that sun exposure has the worst impact on the skin. The other percentages, which are 41% and 39% believe it is pollution and cold weather respectively.

It is now clear why British women are spending too much money on skincare products and which specific products top the list. These women also believe that external factors such as intense sunlight harm the skin. They also believe that quality skin plays a vital role in the beauty of their skin. The urge for women to end up with flawless skin is the trigger that is making them use different facial cleansers and skincare products. These range from oils, cleansing milk, lotions, and micellar water.

None of the skincare users believe that genetics has something to do with the appearance of their skins. That is why they are spending so much time and money on skincare products. The amount 1.15Billion is also expected to catapult in the coming years as more products roll out. Another reason that is going to trigger the doubling of the above sum is that UK women tend to use different skincare products for different occasions. It thus makes them purchase various products, including a variety of skin cleansers. The skincare industry is gradually rising, and soon it is going to beat other sectors. From the above information, Britain women are yearning for more effective products, and Korean producers are producing what they want.–1-15-billion-on-facial-skincare


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