Why Cloud Computing Is Set To Change


Cloud computing has seriously changed the landscape of the modern world, yet many people are already beginning to dismiss how important cloud computing is by pointing to newer innovations which are “sure to take its place.” Proponents of cloud computing haven’t done an excellent job bolstering the technology, as many refuse to clearly explain just how cloud computing is set to change as time goes on, and even fewer describe why those changes are necessary.

Here’s an exploration of how and why cloud computing is set to change in the near-future, and why it will remain a pivotal facet of society for years to come.

Cloud computing is being weaponized

Cloud computing services have become a central element of the modern economy, so it’s only natural that cloud computing itself would become weaponized and relied upon by scammers looking to earn a quick buck. Recent reports are relatively grim when it comes to the extent that nefarious actors are making use of cloud computing, but this doesn’t mean that IT experts should surrender the battle and declare cloud computing permanently unsalvageable from the hands of those who would use it for terrible purposes.

While cloud computing attacks are becoming normal, for instance, IT experts and cloud proponents should take this opportunity to educate modern audiences on proper digital security. By emphasizing the human role in information security, these experts can simultaneously explain to everyday people that cloud computing technology isn’t evil just because it’s being used by bad actors with worse intent while also helping normal users avoid security fiascos. According to one report, cloud computing cybersecurity risks are on the rise in part because few industry insiders and everyday consumers alike are dedicating enough time, effort, and resources towards thwarting these attacks.

Increasingly complex cloud computing structures will challenge any expert-led attempt to explain cloud computing safety to the masses, but that problem has always existed in the IT world. Rather than hoping that everyday consumers become IT gurus themselves, tech experts should be striving to more clearly and simply explain cloud computing and its role in society to better prepare everyone for the changes set to disrupt the cloud computing landscape.

A demand for big data is driving growth

What’s leading cloud computing to remain so prosperous, anyway? By and large, there’s a tremendous demand for big data that’s driving growth across the cloud computing sector. Companies that need cloud-based service providers to keep track of their immense amount of information are now becoming major players in just about every industry. As such, we can expect tremendous growth from the cloud market by as soon as 2024. 

That means newcomers to the industry will be arriving in droves to exploit cloud computing in order to make a living. Current industry professionals need to be prepared for an influx of new professionals who will contribute to the field in a myriad of ways. Over time, we’ll see that the cloud revolution which began a few years ago is only just beginning to take off, and that cloud computing will keep changing and growing for decades to come.


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