How Lift Tables Protect Your Bottom Line


The utilization of hydraulic lift tables has changed the way the majority of industries work, from welding to construction to general lumbar work. Lift tables raise or lower objects using a scissor mechanism, and lift hefty loads for short distances. Typically used to load vehicles or handle pallets, most use electrically powered pumps and hydraulic cylinders to move the mechanism. Lift tables are powerful – most can lift up to 2.5 tons easily. Reliable and durable, lift tables are designed to make performing any job easier and faster. Better still, they eliminate employee fatigue and allow them to avoid lifting objects manually.

Lift tables are typically utilized in industries such as:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Companies dealing with power or energy
  • Agriculture

Advantages of Using Lift Tables

There are a variety of advantages to using a lift table such as:

Improved Employee Safety

Employee safety is paramount in any work environment. Many employees develop back pain due to the hours involved in lifting heavy items over extended periods. Repetitive motions take a toll on employee muscles and joints, which can take many years of therapy for recovery. Injuries caused by repetitive actions are extremely painful and do not heal quickly, meaning the injured employee will have to take time off to recuperate, and the employer will be required to compensate the worker. By using lift tables Employers can keep health and safety problems at bay while making the job easier for their workers.

Cost Efficiency

Lift tables are a smart investment, and because they are designed to last for years, they will pay for themselves in the long term. Avoiding worker injuries and the related health costs, as well as the downtime when workers are on leave isn’t the only perk – the increase in productivity that lift tables provide is also a benefit.

Improved Rates of Production

Lifting tables move objects faster than a human can. For example, construction industries can speed up their transportation of material in order to build faster. Assembly or welding industries can boost the amount of work completed in a single day. Lifting tables don’t replace workers – they enhance their efforts by reducing their physical workload and by making workflow more efficient. Using lift tables allows employees to handle heavy weights for long periods of time, and because they are adjustable, they improve the ability to lift objects at more diverse heights and angles. Combined with the ease of inspecting loads closely, it’s easier to improve flaw-checking and precision of work.

Before You Buy

When considering investing in lift tables for your company, it’s wise to weigh how they can benefit your company:

  • What you need to move
  • How many loads need to be moved
  • Which lifting tables meet your needs
  • Safety features available
  • Savings by avoiding worker injury
  • Increase in productivity

Purchasing lifting tables is a great investment that will provide a good ROI if you buy the correct machine. They are durable and safe to use and can save employers in many industries a significant amount in worker compensation while boosting productivity.


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