What Digital Marketers Should Know Ahead Of The Holidays


The holiday season is finally arriving, with consumers everywhere priming themselves for spending sprees that will allow businesses to flourish if they know how to reach out to customers in a compelling manner. Digital marketers are thus poised to enjoy the busiest yet most prosperous time of their year but do to that they’ll need to read up on the latest digital marketing stats that have just been released.

Here’s an analysis of recently released digital marketing statistics, and what digital marketers should know about ahead of the holidays if they want to succeed in wooing customers over.

Social media business is booming

The first thing that digital marketers will want to know is that businesses across the board are indicating that they’ll be depending upon social media to make sales to a greater extent than ever before. According to information provided by PayPal’s commerce index, for instance, the amount of businesses in the UK that intend to sell things via social media platforms or apps is expected to double in just six months. Those who claim that social media spending is already high are thus missing the point – it’s only going to get higher, as an extra 600,000 or so UK retailers will be adopting policies that make it easier for shoppers to find what they need with just a few clicks of a button.

Not everything is good news, however, as those businesses which rely on mobile commerce will have to grapple with the fact that more consumers are growing worried about the security of transactions facilitated with mobile phones. Confidentiality, or ensuring that private communications are always enabled so that private information isn’t vacuumed up by nefarious third parties, is becoming increasingly important to consumers across the globe. Digital marketers and businesses which intend to rely on mobile transactions to earn a profit should thus read up on the security issues associated with the budding area of mobile commerce.

Security concerns like these are why so many businesses and marketing gurus are turning to companies like Boman Consulting, as those who lack digital expertise themselves could end up making a terrible decision that backfires and stymies their marketing efforts entirely. Business owners and marketers would also do well to read up on common myths plaguing their market, as many make important business decisions on the basis of bad intel.

Ahead of the holiday season, for instance, many companies are stressing quick delivery more than anything else. This could prove to be a bad strategy, though. According to data released by UPS, customers want to be empowered with choices and alleviated of their transparency and security concerns more than they want quick deliveries. Getting their goods to them quicker doesn’t mean a thing if you have a shoddy return policy or refuse transparency in your business operations.

With the holiday season upon us, entrepreneurs and marketers should strive to remember that not all of the mainstream wisdom is worth listening to. In order to appeal to customers, focus on transparency and accountability instead of haste and data-vacuuming.


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