‘Tis the Season (For Holiday Shopping)


It’s that time of year again.

We hear the bells ringing. We feel crisp in the air.

The holiday season. Time to start shopping.

This year, holiday shopping revenue is predicted to top $1 trillion for the first time in history.

What brightens your spirits? Do you love strolling through the mall, sharing the cheer with other shoppers?

Maybe you prefer sitting by the fire, browsing online for gifts for your friends and family. Here are a few tips that will make your holiday shopping a joyous and stress-free experience.
Start Early
The sooner you think of a gift idea, the more time you have to look through good deals. Make sure you have a right hiding place, though! The earlier you buy, the chances are a sneaky loved-one will find it and ruin the surprise.

Start thinking about your gift-buying early. Make a list. Put together a budget.

If you need a place to keep all of your great gift ideas, use this Holiday Shopping List Template from Real Simple. It will make the process less hectic.

If you happen to be a procrastinator, some stores may offer some Christmas Eve deals.

Shop Local
Main Streets matter. Malls can be overwhelming. Support the small businesses in your local community.

In this day in age, it is more important than ever to shop local. While it may be more convenient to go to a more extensive shop like Target or Walmart, you will be doing more for your community by choosing the smaller mom and pop stores.

You will feel the holiday spirit as you step into the store and exchange greetings with the owner. Chances are, the person who owns the store has children in the same school as yours, or maybe they live just down the street.

The buying experience is more personal, and you can touch, feel, and smell the gift to ensure that it is perfect for your family member or friend.

The best thing about shopping local is that you will be contributing something directly to the life of the person in front of you, selling you the product. Who knows? Maybe they will use the money you paid to buy gifts that they otherwise would not have been able to swing.

If you live in New York City, take advantage of the Union Square Christmas Market. If you don’t try to find out if there will be any street bazaar featuring the craftwork of local artisans.
Why Leave the Couch?
Skip the crowd and take advantage of Cyber Monday. Since 2005, we have had the option to take advantage of all of the great Black Friday discounts, the Monday after.

A helpful hint: stay even more ahead of the crowd with reminder emails from your favorite stores. You’ll be able to know exactly what brands and websites are offering the best, insider-only deals.

Black Friday is just too crazy. Did you know that it is one of the best days for personal injury lawyers? Most injuries occur in mall parking lots, according to https://diamondlawab.ca/personal-injury-lawyer-edmonton/.

Yeah, we think we are going to stick to cyber Monday.
A Closing Note
Maybe you will choose one of these helpful methods or even all of them! We encourage you to check out your local stores this holiday season. For any online purchases, keep your tabs up for Cyber Money. We hope you have a great holiday season with your loved ones!


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