Warehouse Workers Need Fairness, Not Luxuries


Warehouse workers are in hot demand these days – the advent of the digital economy has rendered it impossible to succeed in many commercial sectors unless you have access to an excellent workforce that’s familiar with warehouse operations. Despite the newfound importance of warehouse workers, however, many companies are struggling to recruit as many employees as they need to succeed. In an effort to allure additional workers, some companies are beginning to offer enticing luxuries to prospective employees.

The truth of the matter is that warehouse workers need fairness, not luxuries. Don’t expect to lure in additional workers with fancy luxuries if you’re not providing the basic essentials they need to live.

Wages are the ultimate recruitment tool

Warehouse employment has risen drastically in the past two decades, but many companies are struggling to retain these employees once they begin working. The belief among many is that warehouse conditions are deplorable and thus unenticing to workers unless immense luxuries are offered to them.

As reporting from The Wall Street Journal makes clear, warehouse design is borrowing from the luxury real estate and tech marketplaces by creating facilities filled with enticing amenities. Patios, gyms, discounted dining venues and more are now not entirely uncommon fixtures of warehouse centers around the nation, though the efficacy of this luxury strategy is certainly questionable. Those who think that they can entice new workers into their operation and keep existing workers happy by offering immense luxuries should realize that wages are the ultimate recruitment and retention tool.

Businesses offer luxuries because it enables them to also offer lackluster salaries and compensation packages to prospective workers, as these companies can instead argue that the luxuries make up for the relatively diminutive wages. Workers will take a fatter paycheck over access to a gym or cheaper dining discounts any day of the week, though. After all, most people would like to spend that money themselves rather than having the company reduce their wages and offer paltry “luxuries” to make up for it.

Finding and retaining workers is immensely difficult, of that there can be no questioning. What’s crazy is the widespread belief that luxuries will somehow convince someone to toil for hours on end in harsh working conditions. In order to convince these workers to join and stay for long, you need to offer enticing wages and opportunities for advancement that prove to them you really care about their financial security. After all, more money in the bank account is better than slightly-more-tolerable working conditions which still aren’t particularly comfortable.

Don’t treat them like fools

If you think your workers are foolish enough to stick around just because you offered them mild luxuries that don’t make up for deplorable working conditions or lackluster wages, your company is going to be struggling sooner rather than later. Fair wages for employees, like warehouse insurance, is one of those essential elements to long-term success and stability in an industry that’s known for problematic retention rates and frequent strikes. Over time, you’ll discover that offering adequate compensation alleviates you from the need to provide peculiar luxuries that sound nice but don’t make up for otherwise tiring working conditions and expectations.


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