Legally Unlocking iPhone Gives An Easy Breath to Users


Newer iPhones bought will be unlocked and allows it to be used with any SIM card. With older iPhones, it is more likely locked to a single provider as it was in the past. Now, for those who own older iPhones, such as the 5s and 6s, owners can unlock the iPhone with the provider of choice for free. There’s a process to unlocked all iPhone models either with an unlocking code from the network or through a third-party. It’s legal to unlock the iPhone if the contract is paid in full or bought outright. People will find it locked when they turn it on and cannot have access through another network it is connected to. So, do the following:

First, contact the provider of choice and request to unlock the phone with its listed contact details. If the original SIM is not there, the phone needs to be reset before it can be unlocked. Second, the phone should be powered off before the old SIM card in the phone can be switched with another SIM card. Unlocked and with the new SIM card, just check the iPhone if it can make a phone call anywhere. Another way to contact the carrier is through a third party, who can get an unlocking code for a fee. If taking the third-party route, don’t use an online service. Many just use their carrier because it’s free to unlock it, but third-parties could get it unlocked more instant, especially when transitioning carriers.

If doing the unlocking alone and able to succeed, a confirmation text from the carrier should be sent. When it is received, do the following. One, power down the phone. Two, with a SIM card tool – or just the straightened end of a paper clip – push into the hole of the SIM card side to remove it. Three, put in the new SIM card from the network of choice into the holder and place it back in the phone. Finally, make a test phone call to see that it works normally.

However, sometimes the original SIM card hasn’t been sent over from the carrier when asking for the iPhone to be unlocked. Owners have to reset the phone before it can be unlocked. To do that, just back up the iPhone to the iCloud. Then, erase the iphone by clicking on Settings, then General, then Reset, and then Erase All Content and Settings. It should be unlocked when turning it on; just finish the setup assistant on the screen. Finally, put in the new SIM card. You can find a detailed tutorial on

It is necessary step when changing carriers to know about the process of unlocking because many won’t even know until they insert the new SIM card in but find it unable to send texts or make calls. This unlocking can only come from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint where they have the software code to ensure a phone connects to just their network. When switching carriers, iPhone owners have to make sure they have it connected to their network they are following.


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