Don’t Feel the Freeze in Your Operations this Winter


If your livelihood depends on working outside, you can’t take any chances in the colder months. In cold, winter conditions, many work surfaces can freeze. 

Whether it’s frozen ground, soil, pipelines or just an unwanted layer of snow, your processes grind to a halt and you lose out big time as a result of inclement weather.

It’s no secret that companies across the world waste valuable time and money trying to deal with severe conditions, with unexpected costs and frustrating setbacks preventing any real progress in the winter months.

Waiting until spring when the ground naturally thaws just isn’t practical. You have to take matters into your own hands and find a solution that works for your business.

That’s where HeatXperts come in.

Founded in Denmark, HeatXperts have spent decades manufacturing high-quality surface heating products. They’re at the forefront of the heating market, providing some of the finest products the industry has to offer.

And the HeatXperts Ground Thawing Blanket is easily the best method for effectively heating and thawing ground surfaces, without worrying about a slow-down in operations. 

Fully customisable and tailored to your business, it can be used for thawing frozen ground, curing concrete, preheating and freeze-protecting construction materials, melting dangerous snow and ice, excavation work, freeze-protecting pipelines and heat maintenance in electrical cables. The list is endless.

Whoever you are – from Agriculture, Rail and Landscape companies to businesses in the Utility, Construction and Oil spaces – rest assured that it will keep work on track and make life easier for everyone on your team. 

A Stockholm-based construction company said: “These blankets are absolutely excellent. We’ve saved tens of hours and thousands of Krona by partnering with HeatXperts.

“We were working on a contract that involved excavation for water line installation. The temperature was regularly -10°C and below. We couldn’t protect our dig areas from frost.

“The areas ranged from 3 meters to 15 meters so we were unable to heat the ground by any other means. We were wasting time and resources as we searched for a solution.

“After speaking to the HeatXperts team, we bought four of their ground thawing blankets. They easily handled our issues, thawing over 15cm of soil practically overnight.

“We were able to keep our dig sites at an optimal temperature and work efficiently over the course of the project. I can’t recommend these blankets highly enough.”

That’s exactly why the Ground Thawing Blanket is indispensable for major industries worldwide. Top insulation means heat radiates downwards, thawing up to 30cm of soil in just 24 hours – and up to 60cm in soil with a higher sand concentration.

With a built-in thermostat and automatic 70ºC temperature, it’s designed to provide safe, fast and uniform heating to any surface. Thanks to its lightweight and durable design, it’s also completely reliable and super easy to install. Just roll out the mat, plug in the electrical cord and get started!

When the surface is frost-free, simply unplug the cord and roll up the mat. The blankets come in two sizes – 1000x1000mm and 3000x800mm – and weigh under 5kg so there’s no need to worry about transportation and mobile heating. You can even get custom sizes produced on request – just get in touch!

Don’t feel the freeze this winter. Pick up a HeatXperts Ground Thawing Blanket to keep your operations running, protect yourself from product waste and prevent project downtime.

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