Improve Your Home’s Value on Any Budget


Whether you hope to stay in your home for many years, or you plan to sell within a much shorter time frame, you’ll want to make sure that you can get the most out of the sale. There are many different ways to improve the value of your home no matter your budget, tastes, and overall layout of the property. While adding crown molding throughout can add appeal, here are a few ways that although some of the up-front costs may be large, it can payoff later on with a higher asking price, not to mention future-proofing at the same time while you’re currently living there.

Installing a Home Lift

A home lift can add a genuine sense of luxury and extravagance to your home. It also has a practical value in that it makes your home more accessible for older people, wheelchair users and others who may have mobility issues. Depending on the size of your home, your budget and your needs, there are several different kinds of lifts you can install. You can check a British home lifts comparison site for specifics, but in large homes with multiple floors, you can have a traditional lift installed. A platform lift may work in a slightly smaller home or in some new builds. Even if your home is relatively small, a compact through-floor lift can fit one or two people and carry them from the ground floor to the first floor.

Add an Additional Room

Adding a room to your home can significantly improve its value. You may need to get planning permission, and you will need to have the space for an extension. It is also important to consider who the future buyer of your property might be and what type of room they might need. For example, do you see your future buyers appreciating another bedroom or a conservatory more? If you plan to stay in your home for a few more years before selling, ideally, it should be a room you will find useful as well, or even could help you decide to finally start working from home a little more.

Remodel the Kitchen

Most experts say the kitchen is the room that benefits the most from a remodel. A home sale can hinge on this. If your kitchen is out of date, this is a must, but even if it is relatively modern, you can make your home irresistible to buyers with eye-catching changes. Whether it’s refinishing or replacing cabinets, adding a new countertop, or updated appliances, these upgrades will definitely catch a potential buyer’s eye and make a definite sale.

Consider the Curb Appeal

First impression matters, and you can usually improve the curb appeal on your home even on a tight budget. Planting some shrubbery, flowers, and even a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference. If you have a little more to spend, consider a new front door or double-glazed windows. New windows can also mean substantial energy savings and lower bills for the years that you remain in your home.


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