NearShore Technology CTO Brian Peterson Discusses An Automated Black Friday


With the holiday season right around the corner, Amazon remains at the top of consumer’s minds as the most popular online retailer. However, in the 2018 holiday season, Amazon reported a decline of nearly 20,000 seasonal employees. Despite the lack of additional human resources, ECN reported that the company managed to move more product than ever seen in the record-breaking history of Amazon sales. How has Amazon managed to outperform both online and brick and mortar stores? Automated testing and automation solutions.

The automation testing process compares the expected outcome of a scenario against the actual outcome. Testing scripts are run within an automation framework or tool that identifies potential errors within a software. Successful development cycles will test the same scenario over and over again. As each scenario is tested and replayed, the data is consolidated within the automation framework, and it generates a detailed report that is delivered manually. The goal of automation testing is to reduce the amount of time it would require to test script scenarios manually, not to eliminate manually testing entirely.

Once the automation testing phase is complete, a process becomes automated. The outcome for Amazon? An incredibly lean operations flow with minimal lag time. In 2012, Amazon acquired Kiva Systems, a company that engineered warehouse robots. Automation bots have now replaced the majority of human labor in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. With automation testing practices at every phase of development, the company has virtually eliminated human error within its assembly lines. Consumers receive their products faster, and Amazon spends less time fixing mistakes. This has opened the door for continuous improvement and innovation within the manual labor force.

Businesses need to create fascinating experiences. Companies live and die by their ability to respond, innovate, and deliver. NearShore Technology has experienced and talented people throughout North America that are focused on where the world is going and can help you get there faster.

About: NearShore Technology offers IT project development and team enhancement services to forward-thinking companies seeking the predictability and ROI of “nearshoring.” More specifically, NearShore Technology delivers real business synergies and cost savings to Fortune 1000 companies looking to outsource IT processes in North America—NOT halfway around the world.


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