How to safely transact casino money to and from your Indian bank account


The stance of the Indian government on gambling has made it difficult for online casino gamblers to utilize their bank accounts for casino transactions; online gamblers are advised to use alternative methods.

Based on the Indian Public Gaming Act of 1867, gambling is considered an illegal act as it is regarded as a “game of chance” under List II Entry 37 of the Indian Constitution. With the exception of four states, the Indian Federal government has maintained this position on gambling and prohibits any forms of gambling within India. As a circumvention, online casino gamers have made use of offshore operators.

There are numerous offshore online casinos which are open to players resident in India and even permit deposits and withdrawals to be made in Rupees.

Through these casinos, Indian players are able to access online casino games regardless of their location within India.

There are several methods by which deposits and withdrawals may be made during casino transactions. Amongst all the methods, casino gamers are advised against linking their local banks with any of their gambling activities. 

Online casinos open to Indian gamblers accept payments from Indian credit or debit cards; however, your local bank will not process any payments branded as “gambling”.

The Casinos do not contact the banks directly, they contact a “Payment Gateway” which contacts the Credit Card providers, which in turn gets in touch with the bank. The label given by the Payment gateway to this transaction alerts the banks on what sort of transaction is being processed.

Indian banks have cooperated with the government in preventing gambling activities by blocking any gambling related transactions on their customers’ bank accounts. Reports have it that some banks not only block attempts to deposit but also disclose casino-related payments to government agencies in the country.

Hence, online casino gamers are strongly advised against making deposits to online casinos using their local Indian bank accounts or credit cards. Based on reports from Pro casino gamblers, the safest method of casino transaction for online gamblers resident in India is payment through E-wallets.

With E-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, PayPal or AstroPay, Indian casino gamblers have unrestricted access to their money.  The cards are reported to permit easy withdrawal from ATMs from any locations as well as easy online purchases.

Registering with an E-wallet operator requires a photo of an ID card, a driving license, or a Passport and Utility bill; however, these are only required for the purposes of verification. Upon registration, players have to enable their accounts for gambling.

During deposits or withdrawals, E-wallets do not contact any local banks. This method is reckoned to be safer and makes use of fingerprints, a pin code as well as a two-step verification process. 

E-wallets are also recommended because they permit instant deposits and give gamblers a higher level of privacy compared to casino transactions which involve Indian bank accounts. Hence, majority of informed online casino gamers within India rely on E-wallets for casino transactions.


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