The Last Elegant Victoria House in LA unveiled its mysterious mask


Finally, the last Elegant Victoria House in LA unveiled its mysterious mask. On the afternoon of November 2nd, 2019, a group of celebrities mediators are invited to visit the State’s and the country’s double-registered, late Victorian classic building which were built in 1893, also known as the Frederick Mitchell Mooers House. All the guests witnessed this historical moment that legendary architect Gregory C. Yu devoted his life and efforts to reproduce. The glory of a former luxury palace, being mindful of the restoration and regeneration of every detail, solved all the historical mysteries with this time travel.

“LA Architecture Restoration Research Center”, designed by Gregory C. Yu 818 S Bonnie Brea, LA CA 90057, were built in 1893 towards the end of the British Victorian Period (which lasted from 1820 until the turn of the century). This classic landmark building located in Westlake, Los Angeles, is a double-registered historical and cultural building in both the United States and California National History and Culture Building Heritage Committee No. 45 more than 100 years ago.

Frederick Mitchell Mooers, one of the most successful gold miners in California at the time, began mysteriously concealing architects, and prepared to spend a small fortune on a building project. He selected the most renowned craftsmen on the west coast to carve and polish this classic Victorian art palace by hand as a private retreat after his fame. It is called The Frederick Mitchell Mooers’ House.

Except for the foundation, the exterior of the building is not made by cement; all hardwood exterior walls are made by using mahogany. Through a hundred years of the vicissitudes of life, the neighborhood has seen changes through several eras and the house has stood through all of them. After obtaining the property rights of the building in 2016, the center conducted a large amount of literature review and submitted more than 50 pages of proposal to the Los Angeles City Hall’s “Architectural Protection and Planning Bureau”. After several meetings and revisions, and finally obtained the approval of the municipal government, the center began to repair and restore this building which had not seen maintenance for decades.

Over more than two years, our engineering team leaded ten leading craftsmen gradually brought the house back to life, giving attention to the foundation and the structure of the house as well as bringing the water, electricity and gas pipelines into modernity. Nothing was ignored from the indoor fireplaces and restoration of antique tiles to the renovation of the roof and dry walls; from the rebuilding of hand-carved pieces of damaged wooden walls to the removal of decades-old paints; from the mending of the structural support frames to the restoration of dozens of original wooden doors and windows to their original red- wood color, the total goal was restructuring the building to be styled as it was in 1893.

The mission of this project is to offer this historic and cultural heritage building an account and homage style and a sense of creativity of the past, and to protect the historical position of outstanding ancient architecture into the next century. This classic Victorian period of architecture, one of the only remaining state-level historical and cultural heritages in Los Angeles, is alive and well protected.

When the project is fully accomplished , the LA Times will publish the restored photos on the front page of the “Home” section, including a feature report following an article and photos published in 1967 on the architectural design style of the home. What is classic is inherited, and its luxury lies in its maintenance. The best protection for historical buildings is the conditional use. Therefore, the building will become a filming location for historical movies or other periodic art pieces.

Mr. Yu graduated from East China Normal University with a degree in BA. From 1983 to 1986, he taught psychology courses at Fudan University. In 1986, he enrolled in graduate studies at UCLA, where he pursued a PhD program at the School of Architecture. In the 1990s, he was employed by DMJM as a principal designer of Disneyland Paris. Since the 1990s, he has designed and restored dozens of buildings in the historical Art Deco style, among others, including:

– 714 W 7th St, penthouse Art Deco Style of the Union Oil Historical building in DTLA.

– 936 S Highland, in LA’s Hancock Park. Classic Spanish Architecture house.

– 746 S LA St. The art gallery of California’s registered historic cultural heritage building in DTLA.

– 510 S Broadway Historical Art Deco Architecture Building–Petite Theatre located in DTLA and the Latin-style “Mezcalero bar.”

– 525 E Broadway , Mediterranean-Spanish Style Building in Long Beach Downtown;

– 1155 S Grand Avenue, The Art Deco Style Gallery in South Park DTLA;

– 435 E Broadway, Historic Art Deco building in Long Beach Downtown;

– 818 S Bonnie Brea in Westlake of DTLA; American National and California Double Registered Historic Cultural Heritage Conservation Building in West Lake of DTLA

– Design Art Deco Style chain bar “Padre” at the same time.

Now he is a professional Developer and Designer in research and practice of Victoria and Art Deco Architecture restoration and “regeneration”.Mr. Yu is publishing “The Five Elements and Colors”, a handbook for architectural designers; and “The Last Elegant Victorian House in L.A.”, a book for professionals. The L.A. Architecture Renovation Research Center has founded a successful model for the effective practice of historical architectural design renovation and modern commercial operations.

Mr. Jimmy wu, field deputy to Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, said that it was very grateful to the Chinese ancient architect Gregory C. Yu for restoring and regenerating the historic buildings of Victorian, adding a strong touch to the history and culture of Los Angeles, and he appreciated America Media Group to host this conference to help put the landmark Victorian architecture in Los Angeles into a new chapter in history.

Mr. Jimmy Wu field deputy to Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger presents the certificate of recognition to Gregory C. Yu., America Media Group president George Tao, and Vivian Lu.

The theme of this press conference is a type of Victorian afternoon tea, bringing the guests back to the Victorian era celebrating this opening ceremony. The owner and also the designer Gregory C.Yu and his wife Kong Jingwen, jewelry designer; Jimmy Wu, field deputy to Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger; Representative of San Marino City Mayor Steven Huang, George Tao, president of America Media Group; Allen Tsai, CEO of AFG Group, Vivian Lu, president of San Marino Griffins Lions Club, Huang Jing, president of Southern California Yunnan Association, Joy Bakery Deng Linli, screenwriter Lirong Hu, Artist Ivy Sisi Hu and Mr. Hu Shaogang, senior art curator Helena Yang, World Super Model champion Vivi, musician Angela Sheng, NJ merchandise Ying Ping, GJ design Zhang Minhua, and etc. attended the event.

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