The Good Plant: Unlocking the Potential of The Cannabis Industry


The cannabis industry won many victories in 2019. Regardless of a recent decline in stock value, this industry is continuing to expand. Companies are developing new technologies, techniques, and actions with social impact. 

As a potential investor, it is best to consider the potential and value of this high-risk industry as it is ripe with innovation and perseverance. 

Unreached Potential 

In only a few years, and in a few legal jurisdictions, cannabis has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. As more jurisdictions unveil legalization policy, there will be more research and innovation. Companies will continue to decrease production costs while increasing output. 

More research will lead to a better understanding of the medicinal properties of various species of plants in the genus Cannabis. Hopefully by then the political tide will shift in favor of medical marijuana. When that happens, the stock value is sure to increase. 

Optimizing Value

As the industry grows, we are witnessing the development of cutting edge technologies. Machines and AI are helping to make various products more efficient. The influx of many new players to the market is inspiring innovation.

Many factors determine the quality of the herb. Lighting, water, CO2, and soil are all variables in this rather complex science. Quality control is one department that would benefit enormously from automation.

AI would be able to use data to provide projections, stabilize growing metrics, and do basic troubleshooting. 

The Social Impact

An article that was published by Forbes in 2018 analyzes the changing social culture around cannabis. It is hypothesized that the ‘cannabis’ archaic stigma is en route to extinction. 

The cannabis industry is focused on broadening the acceptance and education around the product. For example, Harvest Inc provides funding for research and advocacy, as well as operates a nonprofit to help educate medical patients on the properties of marijuana. One way this is done is by assisting families and children who use cannabis to control seizures.

The industry could have surprising impacts on society. Besides being a social activity like smoking hookah, marijuana also had medicinal properties. As of now, because of the legal environment, there are barriers to charitable giving.

Investors should consider the potential solutions that the product could bring to communities.

The Hazy Future

The nexus of technology and cannabis is fertile with potential. When considering investing, it is essential to find not only what cannabis can do for the economy, but also what value it will bring to society.

Today, companies are placing an increased focus on education, community, and advocacy. We think that the sector will continue to grow (no pun intended). 

As players have more access to technology and research, production will become more efficient. Regardless of the recent trajectory of stock value, this industry is continuing to plant seeds for growth. 


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