Finding Quality Health Insurance


In 2019, Americans across the country pay thousands of dollars to cover themselves and their family when it comes to health care. Many individuals are able to receive health insurance from their employers, while others pay for it completely separately. No matter the case, everyone is required to have health insurance.

Despite growing support by many for a government medicare for all program, private health insurance companies are still covering many individuals’ medical needs. Other than the Affordable Care Act, private health insurance companies are the only place to turn for quality coverage. Here are a few quality health insurance companies that many Americans choose for coverage.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers many more plans in comparison to other health insurance providers in 2019. The company offers its clients about 20 different health plans. By checking out their website online, clients can compare the costs of each of these plans as well as see what the differences are in terms of their benefits. 

Through this provider, many clients have access to a wide variety of different medical professionals. This includes access to health and wellness programs too. Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage can even get clients discounts for health clubs, fitness gyms, weight-loss diets, and various other health-related products and services.


Upon analysis, it was determined that Aetna health plans were much more affordable than many other health insurance providers. However, those above the age of 50 seem to pay slightly more on average. In many cases, previous health conditions may affect premium expenses.

In addition, Aetna also offers supplemental plans that cover the things your employer’s insurance doesn’t. Overall, Aetna is an affordable plan used by many in the middle class. It offers sufficient services for both medical and dental needs and will save you much more money in comparison to other providers.

Kaiser Permanente

Despite having relatively low premiums, this health insurance provider may not work for everyone. This is because the company offers clients access to a limited number of medical professionals and facilities. As a company, Kaiser Permanente works within its own medical system and has started its own medical school. 

Although the company offers affordable premiums, clients must live in areas close to doctors and other health professionals that accept this particular insurance. In these areas alone, Kaiser Permanente works with 38 hospitals, 618 medical offices and outpatient facilities, and 17,425 physicians. 

Quality Health Insurance

Overall, these health insurance companies are relatively affordable and will provide coverage for numerous medical necessities. Americans are constantly searching for ways to cut costs and save money in the long run. However, expenses such as health insurance are a must. With these companies, people can both save money and receive quality coverage.


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