Why the CBD Industry is Booming


All over the country, CBD stores are popping up selling all kinds of products from medicinal oil to handy bits equipment used to take it. With the legalization of cannabis in many states, we can now get tidily packaged products, and in some places, can even get it shipped in the mail.

Becoming legal has also meant that CBD and other products are becoming more and more popular. Some people are trying it for the first time and enjoying its effects, as well as using it for medicinal purposes. Let’s delve a little deeper to see why the industry is growing so fast.

Huge Demand

It’s no secret that before its legalization, people were still partaking in enjoying marijuana, even though they weren’t supposed to. The fact that we are now allowed to buy it and use it means that more people every day are taking the legal route, and the industry is multiplying. 

It doesn’t look like slowing down either. The global market right now is around $340 billion, so it is an excellent one to get into if the chance arises. Its popularity is growing, and its not just for recreational use.

Medicinal CBD

Word of mouth has spread, and there are now research articles all of the web, stating what a  great job CBD oil can do for many ailments. It’s true; it can significantly aid in physical pain, inflammation, reduce stress, and a lot more.

People of all ages, from teens to those in their golden years, are now enjoying the stuff. We must always be sure to use it safely, however, as even the oil can have side effects if taken too much. 

A company by the name Age Of Hemp offers a selection of the highest quality in CBD on the market. All products except the dog treats are made from Full Spectrum CBD oil. Age Of Hemp CBD products are all GMP certified (the certification of good manufacturing practice ensures pharmaceutical production is controlled according to quality standards). Their products are also sourced from a state regulated industrial hemp farm within the United States. 

More Stores are Opening Up

Across the country, stores are opening up every day, whether they be walk-ins or online. This proves even further high demand. If these stores can stay open and people want more, we should give it to them.

The online industry is doing better than anything as people can order it anywhere they want, and there is usually a more extensive selection. From different types of oil, pipes and vapes, and even dog food, we can find just about anything.

Future Estimates

Many experts have stated that the industry is likely to keep growing at a staggering rate for the next 2 or 3 decades. This is good news for any investors out there, and it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon.

It’s quite alluring to many, and we are all pondering whether we should give it a go or not. Well, think about this; by 2022, the market is estimated to reach a whopping $22BB. That’s almost unimaginable. There will, of course, be a limit to its success, so now is the time to invest.

It’s Not Slowing Down Any Time Soon

Although its success will come to an end one day, it won’t be soon. The growth can be credited to the legalization of cannabis and the fact that more and more folks are picking it up for medicinal uses. The time to invest or open up shop is now, though, before it’s too late.


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