Why Get an MBA


Every college student serious about their future career and earning power at some point asks themselves the crucial question — “Should I Go For An MBA?”

Hundreds of colleges and Universities across America now offer the chance to earn an MBA at their campuses. Plus, it’s now possible to earn a legitimate online MBA from a certified university like Harvard or Stanford. So it’s no longer a question of if you can get into an MBA program somewhere — there’s always room somewhere in a good program.

Perhaps the larger, more important, question for college students and for high school seniors contemplating their college education, is whether the added student debt is going to be worth it. The news media is full of grim stories of graduates who are drowning in a sea of student debt, hardly able to make minimum payments. So those looking to commit to an MBA program, even one that is online, need to think about how important earning power is to them. If it’s important enough, then an MBA makes good financial sense — since it’s always been the gateway to better paying jobs in the business world. To help you in your planning, here’s a few of the pluses of getting your MBA.

Polish your communication skills

If you’re going to live as a hermit on the top of a mountain or make a living cleaning out septic tanks, then your level of communication skills is probably not that crucial to your success. But in almost every other walk of life you need to know how to get across your ideas and your feelings  — to your boss, to your co-workers, to your family, and to your customers. Lack of good communication skills has stalled more careers and even online lending opportunities than bad breath or wearing skunk cologne. And the best place to hone your communication skills in school is through an MBA program — you will be writing about every aspect of your classes for your teachers to read and critique. The only better communication training is getting a journalism degree.


If you’re a lone wolf and planning to stay that way, an MBA is probably not your cup of kombucha.

But if you realize that in today’s business/office environment it’s teamwork that counts, you’ll want the MBA training and experience, because it’s all about working together to achieve goals and make sales. A prospective employer is going to love the fact that you have documented proof of your own ability to get along and go along.


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