Surprising Businesses That Are Great to Invest In


We often get stuck with the same business ideas – retail, makeup, clothing, resale, marketing, and more. However, the marketplace for these businesses is already crowded. 

There are some small businesses that we likely haven’t thought of, but they can work exceptionally well. Investing in an industry that almost no one is a part of, is a huge advantage. When people look for a specific thing, they will encounter the business as a primary choice. 

Of course, our business has to be well thought out – we won’t get clients just because there’s no one else on the market. We need to offer high-quality products, services, and attention. 

Let’s look at some of them.

Cultural Clothing

We know that clothing retail is vast, but what about clothing from different cultures? We don’t see clothing for other countries very often. So, placing a store that sells hijabs, kimonos, saris, and other items is extremely smart.

These stores can be placed in a busy mall in a big city, where they usually get people from all over the world. Central cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami are home to people from around the globe, so there’s going to be a lot of demand. 


People often look for renting a horse or other animal, but why a chicken?

Well, many citizens want to start their own farm, but don’t want to compromise to it before trying. This is when renting a chicken becomes useful. 

Wanna-be-farmers will have to look after the chicken so that they can decide whether or not to purchase one. 

Reef Balls

We all want to leave behind some legacy on this earth. And we can do this in a new way – turning our ashes into reef balls.

Oceans have natural reefs, and some people want to rest at peace in nature. This process is relatively straightforward, and it attracts a lot of people who are thinking about what they’re going to do at the time of their death. This concept has evolved throughout the years, and people aren’t so scared of death anymore.

Also, people are looking for innovative ways to get buried, so this being a unique and small industry, the market will favor a reef balls company. 

Virtual Dating Assistant

Virtual assistants are pretty useful for corporates, but what about a dating assistant? This can be a solution to all the issues of online dating! 

They can select the best partner, get to know them, and then arrange a date. This takes away all the hard work and guides us to all the fun parts.

Final Thoughts

This world is filled with strange things that can quickly become a business. We have to think outside the box and start something new that can be useful for others.


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