LoveBuds: Making Old School Trendy Again


In a fast-paced society, such as ours, it’s hard to keep up with the frequent changes. The constant progress makes it easy to yearn for simpler times. Safer and more familiar times, perhaps. 

Companies all around the world noticed our idealizing of past times. They believed in the marketing potential of this nostalgia of ours and hoped to combine it with contemporary convenience technology introduced into our lives. Lovebuds is a brand that did just that!

Nostalgia Marketing Success Stories 

Everyone who lived through the 1980s had an opportunity to revisit the era by merely clicking a couple of buttons on their screening devices. The Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’ managed to capture (almost) every pop-culture stable of that era.

Three years ago, Nintendo dominated the game market with Pokémon GO. Most players are aged between 18 and 30. The young generation and adults spent countless hours in front of the TV and with Gameboys in their hands training to become the best there ever was. With Pokémon GO, they revisited old passions but in the real world. 

Focusing on the Details 

Nostalgia is not a history lesson. No era was perfect, but we seldom point out the negatives when reminiscing over the past. Marketing experts focus on heartwarming details if they want to promote a product.

A common critique of technology is that it distances people. Two lovers sharing one pair of earphones was a common sight a decade ago. Despite the convenience wireless earbuds offer, it neglects us that feeling of intimacy. Lovebuds two-person earphones have come onto the market and made the old school way of listening to music cool again.

Nostalgia is not only revisiting the past but reimagining it. The past was never perfect, and modern technological progress can improve on the shortcomings. Therefore these contemporary wired earphones have a better sound quality, don’t tangle up as quickly, and are an overall better product than ordinary earbuds from the early 2000s.      

The Science Behind Nostalgia

Nostalgia is more than a fad. Back in 1908, Freud pointed out a link between odors and emotions. If an old perfume reminds someone of their childhood, their brain will revoke the security, simplicity, and carelessness of past times. 

Nostalgia is more connected to the fact that someone was a child in the 1980s, for example. 

No one can rewind time and be a ten-year-old again. But the same person can surround themselves with that era, thus escaping the harsh reality of today. 

Marketing Happiness 

Sometimes it is hard to part with the past, and nostalgia is the living proof of that. Marketing experts are aware of that, thus base entire campaigns around past eras. 

Modern nostalgia-driven products are improved versions of their predecessors. Being surrounded “by the past” carries the consumers to an era where they felt safer and had less pressure to deal with.  


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