Make the Gig Economy Work For You


The gig economy is not just for those who want to spend all day as their own boss, regardless of how much or how little they make. There are those who hold down a regular nine to five job, a job that pays the bills and provides basic security, who also would like to earn a little extra on the side but don’t necessarily want to take on a second part-time job. They’d rather have a ‘side hustle.’ Reasons for wanting a ‘side hustle’ include, but are not limited to, extra cash for the upcoming gift-giving season, taking a vacation that your regular salary won’t quite cover, or paying down student debt or any other kind of debt. Whatever the reason, here are a few good tips to help you find the perfect ‘side hustle’ for you.

Make your passions pay

It’s part of human nature to always think the grass is greener on the other side, to look at another occupation as more ‘fun’ or ‘sustaining’ than the one you have now. And for smart folks, that can turn into a second side career. You like old cars? Want to learn how to restore them? Become a gopher for a car restoration firm and work your way up to full restorer, at your own pace, without quitting your daytime job. There are literally thousands of such positions available if you just ask around. When you get good at your passion, you’ll get paid for it.

Watch the clock

Never jeopardize your regular job with a second career; even if you’re a digital marketing agency owner. In other words, when you find something on the side that you want to do, make sure that the hours involved will never conflict with your full-time work. Bosses tend to disapprove of employees who come in late or leave early all the time due to their extracurricular activities. Be realistic about the commute involved in a side hustle. Ideally, your side hustle is online, not twenty miles away from your first and foremost job.

Ask around

Never tell anyone you’re disgruntled with your current job and are looking to supplement your income. Bad move. Do tell everyone you know that you’re interested in learning more about, say, furniture upholstery, and do they know anyone who does that kind of work who might like to take on a part-time intern. Use friends, family, and work associates as resource persons to help you find that great side hustle that brings in the extra cash to make your dreams a little bit closer to reality.


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