Jobs That Pay to Travel the World


World travel is accessible to almost anyone, but a large number of people have not traveled out of state, let alone outside the country. While traveling is no longer exclusive for the rich and wealthy, people tell themselves they do not have the time nor money for it. 

It might sound too good to be true, but there is a way to get paid to travel. Instead of daydreaming about traveling, consider applying for jobs like these. 

Freelance Writer

Big-name travel websites and companies pay writers to share their experience and advice from their time abroad. Writers can also use their travel blog and earn money by promoting brands or affiliate links in their content. 

Being a freelance writer is one of the most flexible jobs in the field. Writers can make their schedule, work as little (or as much) as they want. They have the ability to work remotely, at the beach, by the pool, or they could opt to find short term  office space for rent in KL, Phuket, Hanoi or any where else in the world their mood may take them.  

Flight Attendant/Cruise Ship Worker

Being a flight attendant or a cruise ship worker is a great career path for reaching dream destinations. It helps to be fluent in a second language, and have CPR training. For many, the chance to see the world for little to no cost makes the hard work worthwhile. 

Flight attendants have standards they must meet. Applicants must be able to reach overhead lockers and stand on their feet for an extended period of time. 

Most flight attendants can expect to work in inner state flights before going on international flights. The downside of being a flight attendant is the odd work hours and flight-related effects such as jet lag. 

Being a cruise ship worker is similar, except there is a wide variety of positions to fill, such as food, maintenance, or customer service. While cruises have long work hours, there is plenty of free time to explore. 

English Teacher

The position requires teaching experience, credentials, and knowing English as a native language. Candidates can work in entry-level positions as tutors to gain experience. 

Teaching English online requires stable internet, a computer with webcam, and professional teaching space for lessons. Companies often provide teachers with lesson plans and pay per session. 

International Aid Worker

Aid workers work for charitable organizations devoted to making a difference and helping others most in need. International aid workers are sent to locations that have suffered destruction. Candidates are expected to undergo medical examinations and receive vaccines before traveling. 

Being an international aid worker can be physically and emotionally grueling, although the feeling of knowing we can make the world better and having a huge impact on the lives of those that may have suffered or be suffering a crisis is more rewarding than the traveling itself. This kind of position can be altogether life changing. Research well though as some locations can be quite dangerous and hostile for international aid workers.

Find Your Inner Adventurer

We may have been limiting ourselves all along. Creating barriers to our dreams. Bills to pay, family commitments, lack of experience, unfamiliar with other languages etc.Instead of being trapped in your comfort zone, push aside the excuses, and find out where your inner adventurer wants to take you and go! 


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