Investing In Real Estate Overseas — What Should We Know?


Purchasing properties overseas sounds appealing, but why is it such a great investment?

Investing in real estate overseas can come with many benefits. It reduces taxes, we get higher return rates, and it is an excellent way to gain personal experience in our life.

Of course, in order to properly invest, we need to know many essential things of which we’ll go through a few of them. 

Higher Returns

Investing in the US has its benefits, but the return rate isn’t as high as in other countries. For example, if we search for Luxury Villas for sale in Marbella and invest in some of them, when we rent them, we might get a higher return rate than if we did the same in the US.

In the United States, when investing in a property to rent it, people get around 1% in return. But overseas, we can get even 15% or 20% in return. This gives homeowners a huge advantage because they can invest in other properties later on. 

Sometimes, it’s not much higher on the return rate, but the downfall of the prices isn’t significant. Some of the markets overseas haven’t gone down in years. This gives the pricing more stability, and the owner can invest without worrying about losing a lot of money.

Government Protection

People from other parts of the world think that the best investment is in the US, but in reality, it isn’t.

If we’re a US citizen, we might notice all the dramatic things that happen in our country. And sometimes, the best way to safeguard our investments is outside the country. Investing overseas can secure our assets in a way that investing in our home-country can’t offer.

Some markets are even more stable, for example, in Germany, Switzerland, and other European countries. These governments are well respected, so people feel safe investing there.

Non-Reportable Assets

Investing in other countries can help with taxes. Some of these countries don’t require that the person living there declares their activities in other countries.

If we live in the US, the IRS requires that we declare every income we have, even if it isn’t in that country. But other countries like Singapore, only requires that we declare the income produced in that country. So, if we live in Singapore and invest in another country, we won’t have to report those assets to the government.

Final Thoughts

Investing overseas has many benefits. Besides those explained above, we can also gain a lot of experience and knowledge about life in other countries.


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