5 Online Poker Pro tips for the Newbies


Poker is a very interesting game; it can be highly engrossing and even addictive. But it can be a little tough to master although the learning procedure is pretty easy.

If you are a newbie in this game and are looking for a few tips to start, then you are the right place.

Here are 5 online poker tips shared by pros that can help beginners master this amazing game.

  1. Fair game

You have to maintain “good hands” that is, play a fair game, and decide whether you are just playing to win or you just want to enjoy the game. It is always good to enjoy a game because when winning becomes your focus, you tend to go haywire and that’s not acceptable. By good hands we mean if you are playing with 6 people then maintain the top 20% of hands and if you manage to have a full ring then 15% of hands is cool enough. Keep it a tight preflop which means you have to fold most of the hands that you are dealing with. Your decision is important in the first place to play it for fun and not resort to unfair means in order to win.

  1. Select your hands smartly

It is very important to understand how to select hands. Understanding how your position in the table is crucial and if you can master the hand guidelines you will be strong at this game. Check out various poker sites to understand how to calculate the pot odds. You have to recognize and understand the betting patterns, be good at bluffing and utilize your position at the table to the fullest only then can you become a great poker player but all these points need practice and understanding. Start off with playing with poker players who aren’t as good as you are, these games are generally known as “juicy games”, you have to be bold and control the hands aggressively, in turn, you’ll be able to control the pot too.

  1. Best hands

Remember the calculations of poker – this game is pretty mathematical with inadequate information. Entering the pot with best hands matter the most in this game. The key to winning against your opponents in this game is having best hands.

  1. The art of bluffing

Bluffing is important but too much of everything can ruin the game so keep in mind not to bluff every now and then. Be patient and use a good hand so that you can win even when the stakes are pretty low. Remember slowing down sometimes in this game becomes a necessity. To learn more, have a look at poker sites where Adrian Sterne written few interesting articles on bluffing and how to bluff.

  1. No tilt

You must avoid tilt. Don’t let your opponents use your weakness or emotions against you. If you need take a break from the game but don’t be emotional and don’t tilt or don’t be stuck and steaming because that way you can incur a huge loss and can have a moral break down, remember losing a streak is not a problem but losing the discipline of the game is.


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