Perfect (Like A Michael Jordon Bop & Weave Before A Half Court Score) Ways to Keep Your House Warm During Winter


Can’t find fault in someone for pinching a few pennies like old man scrooge when Jack Frost comes nibbling at your feet and you don’t want home heating bills to shoot to the moon like Daffy Duck on a rocket ship. Actually, there are many ways to make your home warm without having to take a sledgehammer to your piggy bank looking for a few extra pesos to help pay things off.  All it takes are a few handy tips and life will become more bearable, for both your wallet and your chilly toes that the dog likes to lick, when the winter season sets in. Here are some expert suggestions on how you can keep your house as warm as possible, as cheaply as possible, during the cold season.

  • Use a Higher-Efficiency For Your Furnace

A few handy-dandy home improvement techniques can go a long way in making your house comfortable as the weather cools. One such example is replacing your furnace with a higher-efficiency unit. But an important point to bear in mind is that you need to replace the filters of your furnace on a regular basis, at least every three months to be precise. Old filters tend to clog up, thus decreasing the efficiency of your furnace and negatively impacting its lifespan. Hiring a Toronto furnace repair company or any local HVAC contractor will do the trick as they are definitely going to carry out a complete cleaning and home performance test.

  • Upgrade Your Windows

Old windows are definitely money suckers when it come to your energy bills.  Leaks-a-plenty will let your pricey warm indoor air escape as well as let lots of frigid air into your home, thus necessitating jacking up the thermostat which can only mean one thing . . . chingching as your money goes out the window. If that isn’t enough, you might also have to deal with frost on the insides of the windows, thus leading to the growth of mold when not handled fast enough. Upgrading your windows is a sure bet since they are certainly going to have a higher thermal performance. Furthermore, new window designs tend to keep cold air outside and the heat inside as they have better insulation.  If you are thinking about lowering your utility bills, then it is highly advisable that you also spend a few extra dollars and opt for triple weather stripping on your windows.  A small expense upfront for big time savings down the road.

  • Invest in Smart Thermostats

One of the most energy efficient ways to keep your house warm during the winter is by installing heating controls. By utilizing heating controls, you not only regulate the temperature in your house, but additionally, you can enjoy a warm home every time you arrive back from work thanks to the timer it comes with. Talk about mixing wicked convenience with savings!  Take satisfaction in knowing that heating bills will be reduced because you can program your furnace to switch off whenever you are not around.

Most people tend to overlook thermostats whenever they are updating their homes. What they may not know is that smart thermostats are even more advanced than traditional heating controls as they not only detect but also measure both temperature and humidity. Smart thermostats can control your HVAC equipment thus providing the efficiency and comfort you desire.  Unless you are keen about rubbing 2 sticks together to light an indoor fire to keep you warm, take advantage of this good news . . . that most modern furnaces are compatible with this advanced technology.  It would be wise to set up a smart thermostat on any new equipment installed in your home.

Preparing your home in advance is definitely going to help you big, Godzilla big, in winter. Simply make use of the above expert tips will help keep your house warm during the cold season without having to pawn your wife’s wedding ring to pay for exorbitant energy expenses.


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