Best Drip Coffee Makers: The perfect sidekick to start off your morning


Have you ever considered yourself a coffee enthusiast, whose body can only be awakened by the very first sip of coffee in the morning? If the answer is yes, we are totally on the same page! The authentic taste of ground coffee often makes those coffee-to-go cups or the office instant coffee quite disappointing. If you’re a coffee lover and you’re ready to upgrade your coffee game, it’s time to think about getting a coffee maker for your kitchen.

Whatever coffee brewer you choose, make sure that it serves you right. The list below is our Top 5 five best home drip coffee makers to help you pick out the best companion for your morning coffee ritual. 

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  1. Ninja – Hot & Cold Brewed System CP307     

You can easily find this coffee machine in several lists of top coffee makers. Not only does it have a modern stainless steel look but it also stands out in the market because of advanced features.

Thanks to five brewing styles, you can enjoy different coffee options, varying from the classic flavorful taste to some Italian specialties. With a built-in frother, you can turn milk into silky froth within a few seconds for your lattes or cappuccinos. Also, six brewing amounts can accommodate from your morning single cup of joe to as much as a travel size bottle. Designed with a thermal carafe, it can keep your brewed coffee hot up to two hours. If you’re in the mood for some cold brewed drinks, they are ready to be served in just 10-15 minutes with the CP307 brewer, saving your precious time in the morning.

In addition, tea can also be prepared easily with this unit. With separate coffee and tea baskets and smart basket recognition, your worries about mixed tastes are gone!

  1. Technivorm Moccamaster – 59691 KB

 A world-class taste for every cup of coffee is a combination between the finest coffee beans and the brewing process. That’s the reason why a large number of coffee lovers choose the Technivorm Moccamaster to ensure the quality of their coffee.

Every coffee machine is handmade in the Netherlands in order to ensure its best quality. At the core of these coffee machines, there’s a copper boiling element to optimize the brewing temperature (up to 92-96° C), making them the best thermal drip coffee makers in the market. The ultra-precise showerhead system ensures the aroma of the coffee and the complexity of the taste. Additionally, the independent hot-plate keeps the ideal holding temperature for as long as 100 minutes before it automatically shuts off. 

When shopping for a coffee brewer, you should also pay attention to the water reservoir. This model of Moccamaster offers a 1.25-liter water reservoir, equivalent to approximately ten cups of coffee. Your coffee will always be ready in only six minutes, and it will always be more than enough if you choose to invest in this brewer.

  1. Cuisinart – DCC-3200

 If you’re looking for one of  the best coffee makers for home brewing, model DCC-3200 by Cuisinart may be a suitable choice for you!

The most modern coffee technology ensures hotter coffee for you along with maintaining the original taste. There are three brew temperature settings for the hot plate in order to adapt to your personal taste preference. This product can be programmed to serve you up to 14 cups of coffee. You only need to choose your favorable flavor, either regular or bold taste, and set the time you want your coffee to be ready. This timer feature can be up to 24 hours ahead, so no more rushing in the mornings for your cups of coffee

In comparison with older models of the same product line, the glass carafe has had a significant size increase, providing you with a larger capacity. The stainless steel handle of the carafe totally complements the overall look of this machine.

  1. 4. Bonavita – BV1901GW

 Your morning pot of coffee can reach Golden Cup Standard with the help of the Bonavita BV1901GW coffee maker. Thanks to its compact design, it can be well-fitted in any kitchen, whether sitting on the counter or stored away in the cupboards, making it one of the best small drip coffee makers.

This automatic brewer offers a wide array of features, combining to prepare the ideal taste of coffee for its users. With an enhanced heater, this product can quickly heat up and maintain the perfect brewing temperature. Thanks to this powerful heater, it only takes six minutes to fill up the 8-cup glass carafe. The machine features a one-touch brewing mode, making brewing easier than ever before. Also, there’s a non-stick warming plate, which can automatically shut off after 40 minutes to minimize energy consumption.

Most importantly, the distinctive feature of this product is its showerhead nozzle for distributing water evenly in order to ensure consistent flavor extraction. Last but not least, if you’re a fan of the pour-over brewing method, you can try out the optional pre-infusion mode for a more flavorful taste.

  1. Hamilton Beach 49980Z – A Two-way Brewer

 In case you are searching for a more economical brewer, the Hamilton Beach 49980Z is an inexpensive cheap drip coffee maker that you may want to consider.

As can be seen from its name, this model offers two ways of brewing, namely single serving and full pot. The standard single-serving side is suitable for one-time filling and personal enjoyment, while the carafe-side provides extra capacity, which is up to 12 cups of coffee when the glass carafe is full. This allows coffee drinkers to decide the most convenient size for their needs. Moreover, brew strength can be adjusted for brewing regular taste or bold if you prefer stronger flavor. With the built-in clock and timer, this product can be programmed 24 hours ahead of the time you want it to prepare your coffee.

And once again, despite all the decent functions above, this coffee maker only costs you half what the other leading models will cost. So it’s definitely worth a try!

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A few final words

A coffee machine is a worthy investment if you have a great passion for coffee and you would love to indulge yourself with your own homemade coffee. The list above is our recommendation if you are looking for the best drip coffee makers for taste. Before you start shopping, make sure to write down all the desired features for your brewer and set a budget for it.


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