Tips on How to Run a Successful Dental Practice


Running a dental office is no easy thing. The dentist has to take care of everything, from the patients to hiring the right people for their business.

Dentists usually have a large amount of student debt, so they have to work crazy hours in order to pay off their bills. We often see this field as filled with rich dentists that don’t really have to work much to earn a lot of money.

While this is sometimes true, it isn’t the case for most dental professionals – especially if they are trying to run their own office. A great option for those who are recently graduated is to start working with a Dental Service Organization that can support their dental practice.

What Is a Dental Service Organization?

Dental Service Organizations basically give support to smaller dental practices. Whether they are starting out or they are an established center, dentists can always ask for some help.

They can help dental centers with:

  • Human Resources.
  • Marketing.
  • IT services.
  • Building skills.
  • Supplies.
  • Support center.

This great opportunity is fantastic for those who are starting out on their career and want to take some time to build their skills while they run their clinic properly.

Steps to Become Successful

Now that we’ve learned about some organizations that can help to finance dental practices, let’s go through some steps that will guarantee the success of the dentist. 

Fix the Cash Flow

We’ve all seen those luxurious lives that some dentists have. While we wish this was the situation for every one of them, it isn’t entirely true.

At the beginning, when the young dentist begins to see a good amount of money, they run with it and spend it. This isn’t a smart decision to make, especially if they are starting out in this field.

We’ve seen many with fancy toys like expensive cars, lovely houses, many vacations, and more. There’s nothing wrong in having such things, but a young dentist shouldn’t rush into buying them with their first paycheck.

Newly graduated people have a lot of things to take care of. They have to move to a new apartment, pay off the student debt, find a stable job, and be up to date with all the bills. If we rush into buying expensive things, we might be struggling in the future. 

The best way to fix our finances is by budgeting. Having a budget will ensure that the dentist isn’t spending more than what their income is. They must have a large amount of cash in order to reinvest it in their business or expand their little empire. 

Stop thinking like a college student, and start thinking like a business person.

Fight Against Stereotypes

People are used to watching dentists living a lavish lifestyle. This includes expensive clothes, luxurious cars, huge mansions, and more. In order to be mindful about expenses, the young dentist should fight against those stereotypes.

Success isn’t measured for what we spend, it’s about how much we save. 

When we retire, we won’t enjoy expensive cars as much as we did in our youth. That’s why it’s so important to save as much money as you can. So, when the dentist retires, they can do whatever they want.

Be a Practice Owner

We know that going solo is frightening, but there’s nothing to worry about if you’re a dentist.

This branch of healthcare professional is one of the few that can go solo and build their own dental practice facility. The failure rate is lower than 0.5%, so there’s nothing to be scared of.

We usually try to hide in our comfort zone, but this vastly limits our possibilities of success. Working at a clinic or staying in a partnership will slow down that reward we look for. 

It’s essential for every dentist that they start their own practice. Starting can be hard, so many of them have to ask for a practice loan. This loan can be paid over ten years, so at the time that the dentist pays that off, they will already have a thriving business worth a hefty sum.

Dentists that decide to stay in a partnership, usually get 33% in revenues. While practitioners that opt to invest in their own business can get a revenue of 60%. There’s not much the dentist can lose; these businesses are known to be pretty successful. 


There’s no point in having $100,000 sitting in the bank account. Having this money in an account will only give revenue of 1%. 

Instead, we should start investing the extra money we earn. After the dentist has reinvested in the business, has put a small percentage in the retirement plan, and has all their bills covered, they should put the extra money in an investment plan.

If they want to invest safely without taking any risks, a dentist should think about opening a stock mutual funds account. With this account, they can get up to 7% of their money. 

Be on the Same Page

It’s essential that professionals talk to their spouses about their finances in the future. Many people make the mistake of not communicating with them, and then they spend all the money in the bank account. 

Marriage is about communication and creating a journey together. Both of them should be working towards a mutual goal.

Final Thoughts

Being a successful dentist isn’t difficult. Dentists should know all of these things in order to succeed in their business. 

Invest in creating a dental practice, earn revenues, and always talk to the other half! 


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