Ria Money Transfer Is Now Easier Than Ever


In today’s world who is NOT busy? The daily commute gouges hours out of each day. Careers take long hours each day to nurture and protect. And even with online shopping available for just about everything, there are times when you need to get to the store for things like tp, a carton of eggs, or a pack of chewing gum. It all takes time, and it seems like more and more of our precious times is being taken up by details and trivia. So when you need to send money overseas you definitely DON’T want to spend more than a few minutes doing it — if at all possible. And is such a thing possible today? Yes! With the new and improved Ria Money Transfer app. Ria Money Transfer works hard, just as hard as you do, to make sure your money transfer is safe, simple, and always secure. Here are the latest updates to their software and hardware that guarantee a positive, painless, and swift money transaction:

Order details can now be accomplished in one single, simple procedure that takes less than a minute.

For each money transfer initiated by you, you naturally need to send the recipient all the order details in order for them to have the exact information necessary for a cash pickup. It used to be that conveying this information could take a long time, what with waiting for internet updates and for pin numbers to be generated. Now it’s much easier to get all the crucial information to the party receiving the payment. Just hit the Share Order Detail button and everything that is needed to collect the money on the other side is automatically collated and sent immediately. You can choose the details quickly and easily and send them in complete security. In just 2 or 3 seconds the recipient has all they need to collect.

One picture is worth a lot of money

Use your phone’s camera to snap credit/debit cards and upload immediately. No more sliding or inserting. Snap the picture anywhere at any time. How convenient is that?

There’s a Ria location near you.

In shopping malls, supermarkets and even convenience stores. They’re located just about everywhere. And even better, the new Ria app has a locator that shows you where the nearest Ria spot is — and can also tell your recipient where to go to pick up their money.


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