DealersGear:The First All In One Marketing Platform For Car Dealers


The automotive consumer behavior and expectations continues to evolve thus making it difficult for dealerships to target their audience and engage with them. Dealers often struggle moving their inventory and regularly have their inventory for quite some time. The new-age customer is not ready to be hassled at dealerships and wants transparency in the deals he/she desires. Dealerships can capitalize from the consumer trends by enhancing and promoting their businesses online with a strong website, visibility on Search Engines, and many social media platforms.

DealersGear is the first all-in-one marketing solution for auto dealers to manage their online presence in a central command center. The technology was built by dealers for dealers with a team of top UCLA graduates, along with expert feedback that is industry proven every step of the way. DealersGear understands the difficulties every dealer faces in the car buying process and have taken it upon themselves to create the right tools to ease those difficulties, and to present your dealership in the best possible way to the online consumers.

DealersGears specializes in creating intelligent dealership websites with an elite design, cutting edge technology, and incomparable dashboard that gives you the ability to manage and track all your marketing channels in one place. With fully responsive and engaging user experience along with SEO driven design, your online presence is sure to dominate your market.

DealersGear offers multiple tools from inventory management, Craigslist posting tool, facebook posting tool, call tracking, Google Analytics integration, and Google Ads reporting.

With the intelligent craigslist posting tool, your dealership will receive more calls, texts, and clicks to your website. Combining the technology along with the professional services such as BDC and sales training, DealersGear gives you an Industry leading solution to sell more cars and close more deals.

Adapting to technology these days isn’t an option, it is a necessity and your dealership’s online presence is your only way to get more sales and be able to compete. Utilizing the right tools and technology is your best option to create a brand in your local market. DealersGear doesn’t only offer you the solutions but also helps you understand your demographics.

If you are interested in learning more about the solutions of DealersGear visit the website at or contact them at


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