The Appeals Court in California called off the Gun Conviction of Kate Steinle Shooter


The gun conviction of an individual who had been previously exonerated from the July 1, 2015 murder of Kate Steinle on a pier in San Francisco took a reversal in the First District Court of Appeals in California.

The court decided the Judge wrongly instructed the jury and overturned the gun conviction. Although it was just a technical issue in which the specifics and facts of the case still stand.

Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate, the defendant shot the firearm that brutalized the back of the victim, Kate Steinlewhile while she walked on the San Francesco pier with her father. Additionally, the appeal court’s decision did not go against the plain truth that the firearm used was a Sig Sauer pistol that was reported missing one week before the incident by the ranger at the Federal Bureau of Land Management.

Garcia-Zarate, in any case, is still convicted of unlawful possession of a federal gun in this same case.

The shot that killed the victim was allegedly fired by a Mexican national possessing false documents who was a career criminal, illegally in the country and had been extradited from the US five times. This was the constant topic of discussion of President Donald Trump’s controversial address in 2016.

Trump pointed out the shooting during his speech on sanctuary cities in one of his campaigns and justified the requirement for tougher immigration regulations.

Trump described the decision on exoneration “disgraceful” in one of his tweets in 2017 and Jeff Sessions, the former U.S. Attorney General accused the policy at the sanctuary city for the cause of Steinle’s death.

It is a fact that collaboration has been restricted, with the federal authorities by the policies of the sanctuary city and with regards to the Shooting of Steinle, this policy undoubtedly safeguards outlaws.

However, the Criminal Appeals Lawyer for Garcia-Zarate asserted during the appeal that he can’t be charged with illegally possessing a gun since he only had the firearm for a very short time.

However, the prosecutor replied that lapse in the jury’s decision was without impact because experts indicated that Garcia-Zarate admitted to firing the murder weapon which can’t happen unless the trigger is pulled.

The court, however, did not approve saying that the decision of the jury was not in support of the accusations from the prosecutor that stated that the shooting was intentionally carried out and they asked the judge the definition of possession or the particular period for it to be effective.

Justice Sandra Marguilles penned a 3-0 judgment stating that the questions focus on the brief defense on possession and the question posed to the jurors concerning the required time for possession is the bone of contention on the period the defendant was with the gun.

Matt Gonzalez, the Public Defense attorney who argued the case stated that Garcia-Zarate’s trial was not fair because of the incorrect instruction.

He stated that the case was not a close call and having the instruction was their right. He thought Garcia-Zarate would have been exonerated if the jury was informed in this manner, which was very satisfying. He said that Garcia-Zarate had grabbed an unknown item and dropped it immediately after it fired.

Californians were convinced that the court trial with this Mexican citizen was a trial of Show. Diane Garcia, the assistant District lawyer collaborated with Mark Gonzalez, a public defender to break up a jury containing three possible unlawful immigrants.

The identities of the members of the jury were extremely protected by Judge Samuel Feng which made the observers have a cause to conclude that the jury was owned by the prosecutor and the defense which resulted in their desired verdict.

Xavier Becerra, the Attorney General and Governor Jerry Brown who both are in support of the policies of the sanctuary city were quiet after the verdict. In the early part of this year, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice TaniCantil-Sakauye alleged that unlawful immigrants were being followed by federal agents in courtrooms. The previous blackjack seller then exposes her identity as a free counsel for those who violate the immigration regulation in the U.S.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger selected Cantil-Sakauye and Governor Jerry Brown appointees fill up the First District Court of Appeal.

Rose Bird was Governor Jerry Brown’s choice in 1977 for chief justice who had zero judicial experience and was 40 years old back then.

Rose Bird, then reversed all the death sentences that showed up at the Supreme Court in ten years. At that time, Theodore Frank, who was sentenced for the kidnap, torment, rape, assault, and murder of Amy Sue Seitz, who was just two years old, was also among those whose verdict was reversed.

Rose Bird and two other appointees by Brown were dismissed from the high court by voters in 1978 after that judgment, although few of them can still be found all over the state courts.

Officials in San Francisco continue to solicit for the unlawful immigrant Garcia-Zarate, without any concern for Kate Steinle’s family. It will, therefore, be a genuine conclusion, if this case is referenced by Californians to affirm that criminals have more protection in the state than the affected individuals.


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