Symptoms And Treatment Plan For A Motor Disability “Ataxic cerebral palsy” Found In Infants And Children


Cerebral palsy (CP) is of different types, each having its symptoms, causes, and treatment plans. Ataxic cerebral palsy is a rare type of cerebral palsy, though many infants as well children get affected by it. According to research and study among all the people who are suffering from Cerebral palsy, only 5 to 10% of them are diagnosed by this type.

A person diagnosed with ataxic cerebral palsy faces problems in balancing. A significant difference between their walking patterns from other children can be seen. They tend to keep their legs wide apart while walking, which is not the case with others. Also, they face problems in identifying where a particular thing is precisely placed. They might find it far or close to the place where it is present, actually.

Insights of ataxic cerebral palsy:

Damage in the cerebellum results in this type of CP. The cerebellum plays a vital role like it ensures movement of the body is accurate, look after some cognitive functions like languages, have control in the voluntary movements, etc. There are different ways by which a person gets affected ataxic cerebral palsy.

Body movements made by children with this disorder are not healthy, and it usually appears to be unstable and less precise. Also, it results in weak muscles; as a result, there is interference with the muscles control of a child’s legs and arms.

This interference affects the balance and movements and also, in some cases, affects the hands and fingers of a child. Apart from this, other parts of the body like head and face may also get affected. Children sometimes face a problem in making eye movements and even while speaking.

What are the symptoms which can be seen in people with this disorder:

The most common symptom one can find is jerky leg movements. Children keep their legs wide apart while they walk if they are exposed to this disorder. Balancing problem is more witnessed while walking in such cases.

Some easy and regular tasks are a big deal for children if they have ataxic cerebral palsy. Tying shoelaces on there, writing a short sentence, reaching out for a toy becomes very challenging for them. They start facing difficulty while making these precise movements.

Children also face difficulty in speaking sometimes. Every case of people with this disorder is different. However, in most cases, they tend to have an average intelligence level.

A person cannot get rid of these symptoms; however, with time, symptoms may get improved. Parents should be aware of these symptoms and strictly monitor the activities of their children. If a child takes more time to learn an essential skill than usual, then chances are he/she might be suffering from this disorder. As this kind of CP is a complicated disability, it is difficult to confirm before the child is of one year.

How it is diagnosed and treated:

Children with this disorder are diagnosed in the initial years of their lives, maybe by one or two years. If a baby is born immature or tends to show symptoms of CP, then a doctor may perform a diagnosis to confirm it. A single test does not help identify it. Different factors are to be looked after, which also include child development, growth, body movement, way of interaction, and more.

To date, scientists have not found a permanent cure for this disorder. Specific therapies help a child to lead a better life. The health care team works closely with the patient and its family to plan the right treatment. The team here consists of different therapists and doctors like speech therapists, eye doctors, neurologists, and more.

Living with CP disorder can be difficult for a child. Research studies show that about 10% of the total CP cases are because of some medical negligence and is a form of preventable birth injury. CP’s lawyer can help in determining if it could have been prevented with better medical staff and facilities. Going for a CP lawsuit may help in getting legal compensation.

This money can be helpful to meet the cost of therapy, surgery, medicines, and more. Birth injury lawyers have the desired skill set and knowledge to determine if a doctor made a mistake.


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