10 Reasons to Avoid A DUI


It is a very awful thought to drink and drive at the same time, but sadly, many individuals continue this act. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated that approximately 10,874 individuals lost their lives from accidents as a result of drunk driving with an illegal BAC limit driver (0.08 or higher).

It is usually very costly to obtain your driving privileges when arrested for driving under influence in the United States.

Additional expenses characterized by drunk driving in most states are court hearings and fees. There is also an additional cost of attending a DUI rehabilitation program, drinking education, getting treatment for drinking, medications for addicts, increased insurance with the installation of Interlock Ignition Device (IID).

However, the best way to steer clear of severe punishment is to hire a professional lawyer like the San Diego DUI Attorney who have lots of experience and understanding of many cases of DUI. Also, you will be able to continue to live your regular life free from the concerns that accompany a DUI conviction, when an experienced attorney is employed.

It is suggested that driving under the influence has to be completely avoided as it could lead to serious destruction of property, injury and even death to yourself and others which could drastically change one’s life.

Below are some of the reasons a DUI should be avoided.

  1. It leads to arrest and conviction

The initial step after being arrested for drunk driving is to be driven to a police station close by or imprisoned in the police vehicle. Your picture and fingerprint would then be taken.

You can be instantly freed in some states if you have the opportunity to be bailed and driven home while other states might hold you down until you are sober.

  1. You will be charged to court

A ticket or a summons that will provide the date of the court hearing for your DUI conviction will be provided by the police after your arrest.
This is typically an embarrassing experience for many drivers, particularly facing the charges of being drunk in front of the public.

Now if the DUI charges are denied, pleaded not guilty or you endeavor to put up a fight, there is a possibility that everyone will be able to view a camera recording of how the field sobriety test was failed.

  1. You will relinquish your driving privileges

Those arrested for the first time in the U.S. usually lose their driving benefits for a period. Your driving benefits will also be limited, especially in states with stricter permits, that might enable you to drive to work or school only.
Some states will immediately revoke your driver’s license before appearing in court if you fail to perform the field sobriety test or carry out the blood or breath test.

  1. You will be required to pay a penalty

You will be required to pay a fee once you are convicted of DUI. There is an established lowest or highest penalty that can be paid by a drunk driver in all states which under the circumstance can be increased.
For instance, if your drunk driving resulted in the destruction of property, put children’s life at risk, cause severe harm or even death to others, the penalty will be increased. You are also required in many states to pay the charges of your court case.

  1. There is a possibility of being imprisoned

Serving a prison sentence is mandatory in most states for drunk drivers and even for those committing the offense the first time. First-time culprits usually get a brief prison sentence between one to two days that can also be carried out during the weekend.

But consistent culprits can be imprisoned for a couple of days. Although, if the condition is aggravating such as destruction of property, severe harm, and death, related to your DUI case, the penalties can be drastically increased.

  1. Mandatory completion of the probation term

You might be sentenced to probation with additional terms based on the judge if imprisonment is exempted from your charges.

You, however, risk being imprisoned if you did not meet your probation terms regardless of your status in the society.

Probation also comes with additional cost depending on the accompanying term. There might be a monthly charge to cover for monitoring and administering of the probation sentence.

  1. You will be required to attend a drunk driving school

The only method of restoring your driving benefits after being charged with drunk driving in most American law is to attend and finish a drug and liquor education program. That is popularly known as the drunk driving school.
Classes in this program are long hours of education on drunk driving and evaluation of your drinking behavior. Attending these classes also incur charges and must be paid to restore your driving benefits.

  1. You will undergo an assessment of alcohol

An aspect of the alcohol education and evaluation program that was instructed by the court under your DUI charges is for a certified counselor to assess the trend associated with your consumption of alcohol. This will help to find out if you suffer from alcohol abuse issue.

You would be asked some questions by the examiner on how your life is affected by alcohol.

You might have to go through an alcohol treatment program that is authorized by the court if the outcome of your assessment reveals an increased inclination to alcohol misuse or dependence before your driving benefits are reinstated.

  1. Increased auto insurance

If you are charged for drunk driving, most of the time, you will be required to acquire a special policy on insurance called SR-22 insurance before a vehicle can be driven. The charges associated with SR-22 can increase your premiums two or three times in the required states.

It is also compulsory to acquire insurance for a minimum of three years.

  1. Installing an Ignition Interlock device will become compulsory

Some states demand that drivers charged with DUI install an ignition interlock device on their own vehicle which could also be required by first-time culprits.

The device needs the driver to carry out a breath free from alcohol before the vehicle can be started after installation.

Installing this device and additional monthly fees come with extra charges and are quite expensive.


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