What Does It Mean To “Be Your Own Boss”?


The term “being your own boss” comes with many definitions; it refers to the freelance, or self-employed lifestyle one works for no one but themselves. Having the freedom to run their own business is the goal for many entrepreneurs, but it is not as easy as it looks. 

Being self-employed is not as rare as it appears; the rate in which workers ditch their 9-to-5 for independence has been increasing the past few years. Here are the basics of running a business without a boss to fall back on. 

The Perks Of Being A Business Owner

Schedule Flexibility

Whether it’s freelance, selling products, or running a small business, people relish the benefits of working from anywhere they want, on their own time. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs with family or kids that need them to have more flexibility to work a schedule around them. 

Job Satisfaction

One of the things entrepreneurs enjoy most about being their own boss is that they are free to work in a job that they love. For people that work out of pure obligation, being self-employed may be tempting. 

What No One Talks About

Being an Accountant (or Hiring One) 

Employees never have to worry about all the bureaucracy that comes with opening and running a business. Those who are self-employed will need to brace themselves for expenses and opening separate accounts.  

Entrepreneurs will also need to get acquainted with business licenses, insurance fees, etc. A lot of times,  it’s best to hire professionals for any services required for legality reasons or tax practices

Time Management

Without a supervisor to set schedules and keep them focused, new business owners struggle with managing their time. They need to be lenient with themselves, or else they may either fall behind on work or accept more than they can handle. 

Prepare for Failure

When a business goes under, only those who are in charge carry the blame. The same applies to new business owners. Not everything will work as planned, and business owners need to be prepared for a fall. 

Don’t Work Alone 

Running a business without a boss or coworkers can get pretty lonely. With entrepreneurship, it is one’s responsibility to network and find like-minded individuals that can share ideas and common interests. Even if building a team is not an option, business owners need to go after all the resources available. 

Look into third parties for additional leverage. Learn more about site https://freedomhustlin.com/about/ for professionals that give benefits of teamwork – without sacrificing independence. 

The Bottom Line

Leaving a company to become independent is not for everyone, and that’s okay. Some people work better by having someone guide them and walk them through their work. Others may find traditional work restrictive and may work better by doing things on their terms, the way they want it done. 


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