Men Are at Greater Risk of Alcoholism


As the most commonly abused substance, excessive drinking is detrimental to our health. However, men are twice as likely to develop alcoholism. Research shows that it may have something to do with the reward system in our brains. 

Men’s Health And Their Relation To Alcohol

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for communicating signals between nerve cells in the brain. Due to its “feel good” properties, it is released as a reward when something good happens. Dopamine is strongly associated with positive reinforcement, pleasure, and even addiction. 

The brain also releases dopamine when a person consumes alcoholic beverages. A study published in Biological Psychiatry revealed that while both had consumed the same alcoholic beverages, men release more dopamine than women. 

How Excessive Drinking Affects Men 

While women suffer from bodily damage due to excessive drinking over time, men are more likely to succumb to alcohol-related injury or death. Statistics show that men drink heavier, and with more frequency. They also engage in riskier behavior, such as reckless driving, having unsafe sex, and committing suicide. 

Excessive drinking also has many adverse effects on a man’s physical health, with increased chances of:

  • Poor fertility and sexual health
  • Liver damage
  • Heart disease
  • Weight gain
  • Gout
  • Cancer
  • Bone disease
  • Irritated/inflamed organs like pancreas and stomach
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Psychological impacts such as anxiety and depression

Prevention And Treatment

In order to prevent excessive drinking, men should keep track of how much they are drinking, which can be remedied by knowing their limit of Alcohol By Volume (ABV). It helps to select several days to go “alcohol-free” to decrease alcohol intake throughout the week. 

Less than 10 percent of alcoholics receive treatment for alcoholism or alcohol dependency. If men suspect they may have a drinking problem, the first thing they need to do is talk to their doctor. From there, they can determine a recovery plan and get support from local organizations.

Men require time for the alcohol to leave their system; detoxing can take a few days and up to a week. During this period, it is best to enroll in a treatment center or program. There are treatment facilities like rehab Arizona, which are secluded and specifically designed for the needs of men recovering from trauma and addiction. 

Keeping Alcohol Consumption Under Control 

It’s more than preventing alcoholism in men; it’s about their overall health and wellbeing. Aside from dopamine release, other factors that can attribute to alcohol dependencies, such as trauma and mental disorders. While it may mean fun weekends for some, for others, drinking may be an unhealthy coping mechanism. 

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