Lead Generation Strategies That Won’t Ruin Your Budget


Building and maintaining a loyal customer base is crucial for any successful business. You can survive in even the most competitive market if you secure repeat sales year on year. But consistent growth depends on expanding your customer base. And that’s not easy. This is where effective lead generation comes in.

Lead generation can be expensive. But you don’t need to spend a fortune to see real results. And to prove it, here are six lead generation strategies that won’t destroy your budget.

1. Refine Your Website to Capture More Leads

You need to grow your list of email subscribers to generate new business.

But that means making a strong impression on visitors and earning their trust. Think about your own customer journey when you visit a site for the first time. What do you look for? What trust signals convince you to convert?

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Optimize your website for mobile devices, with strong visuals and an accessible layout.
  • Keep navigation streamlined and incorporate a logical site structure.
  • Include convenient subscription forms on every page.
  • Offer an incentive for visitors to sign up (a free ebook, a podcast download, etc.).
  • Create landing pages with offers that are hard to turn down, in order to get prospective customer’s foot in the door.

2. Embrace Automatic Marketing for a Streamlined Process

You’ve captured leads and you’re ready to roll your marketing emails out.

But you don’t have time to send them to every single subscriber manually. You have a business to run. Targets to hit. Employees to manage.

This is why automated email marketing is a must.

Reliable tools let you distribute emails for different demographics and goals. Common marketing emails include: welcome messages, special offers, news on product launches, celebrating customer anniversaries (e.g. “one year since you joined us …”), and of course email newsletters.

There are plenty to try. But always keep emails relevant to the recipient.

The best automated email marketing tools segment subscribers based on certain factors. Location, product history, gender etc. all work well. Personalize emails to build trust and make customers feel valued.

Automated emails bring customers to your site with less direct input from yourself. Competitively-priced tools are available for businesses on all budgets.

3. Take Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

Content marketing is a core aspect of lead generation. And blogging is one of the oldest yet most effective types.

Roughly 66 percent of marketers with blogs generate more leads than others. Plus: regular blog posts add relevant keywords to your website and keep your content fresh. This is why consistent publishing can help your performance on SERPs.

Blogging is cheap and simple, too, especially if you’re a decent writer. Not so articulate? You may be able to strike a deal with an experienced blogger for a more professional touch.

Alongside blogs, videos help generate leads in a cost-effective way too. Invest in a good camera for quality visuals, but don’t worry about finding studio space. Just focus on valuable, engaging content to start with.

Share your blog posts and videos across social media to raise awareness. Offer readers and viewers real value in exchange for their time. Give them a reason to click through to your site and take action.

  1. Host Webinars to Generate Leads

Following on from the previous strategy, let’s talk about webinar marketing.

Webinars are one of the best ways to generate quality leads. They’re simple to set up and don’t break the bank. And you have many different formats to try, too.

Start with a clear idea of who you want to attract with each webinar and how the session will benefit them. Explore ways to solve pain points affecting each segment of your audience.

You could host:

  • Pre-launch product demonstrations
  • Interviews with thought-leaders
  • Behind-the-scenes tours of your offices
  • Case studies of your satisfied clients to prove effective ROI

Promote upcoming webinars on social media and your website. Ask visitors to register for the webinar but keep sign-up forms brief. They may skip it altogether if you ask for their home address, occupation and more. Name and email will do.

Pro tip: keep webinars under an hour. Roughly 44 percent of people prefer them to last 45 minutes.

5. Take Advantage of Social Media to Reach a Bigger Audience

You could miss out on valuable leads if you don’t make the most of social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others offer direct contact with customers 24/7. And for free.

Paid ads are a common lead generation strategy across social media. You can target users with specific interests to reach more diverse prospects. But you can still make a good presence without paying for ads.

Share content with concise, well-written text and eye-catching visuals. Respond to customer comments or questions fast to make them feel respected. A friendly tone and prompt interactions help build good relationships with your audience.

6. Offer a Choice of Support Options

Good customer support is fundamental to businesses of any size. You can’t expect prospects to convert and stay loyal if you’re unavailable to help. If they have a question, they expect a quick answer. If they have a problem, they want an effective solution.

You have several customer support channels to choose from. Live chat is one of the most popular, and it’s easy to see why. People can chat with your support agents via text on their phone or desktop. They have no reason to leave your site either.

Visitors often need to submit their email address to start a live-chat interaction. Don’t let this info go to waste. Send a follow-up email to assess their experience. Consider a small reward as thanks for their feedback.

But keep your support options accessible to all segments. Incorporate phone and email support. Track social media accounts to ensure you get back to people ASAP, too.

The best live chat software is easy to use. Some feature analytical functions as well, helping you understand your audience through actionable data.

Lead generation strategies don’t need to ruin your marketing budget.

Take advantage of these cost-effective strategies to build your customer base. You’ll boost your brand visibility and make a positive impact on prospects. All this will secure more leads and help drive conversions.


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