Digital Marketing Growth Strategies for Property Management Companies


Whether you are a newbie or a century-old company belonging to the property management or real estate industry, business expansion is the common goal for all, no matter what! And to secure more property owner clients and do business better, there is no way you can avoid digital marketing for your rental management business.

Yes, you can reap unimaginable benefits by undertaking the right strategies for marketing your company online.

In every state and locality, property owners seeking solutions from management firms are searching online and choosing a company to hire. With dozens of options available to them, you would have to pull up your socks to individualize yourself from others so that these prospective clients find you and choose you as the company they hire to manage their rental property.

Here are some useful digital marketing strategies that can help your business evolve.

  1. Make the most of Local SEO techniques

If your property management company’s website and business listings are equipped with local SEO services then you will be ranking higher on search engines for the terms (known as search keywords) that your ideal clients are searching for. This puts your company in position to receive a lot more property management leads, the customers who are searching for property managers in your locality. With the right local SEO strategies, potential owners will find your company first and not your competitor’s.

A lot of people misunderstand SEO as just stuffing your website content with terms like ‘property manager in San Francisco’ or Colorado property management services’ and think that’s what will work. SEO is always changing and the algorithms of search engines factor in dozens of important signals coming both from the content and structure of your website, as well as signals from other places on the web that are used to gauge your company’s relevance and authority.

  1. Invest in creating enriching content for property owners

The competition is pretty tough out there and to set yourself apart from the crowd you will have to position yourself as a reliable property management organization. In order to do that, you will have to focus on creating content assets like blog posts which includes frequently asked questions, e-books, and videos. Content is king, you might hear very frequently, and truly it is! Good quality content that focuses on providing real help to questions your potential clients have can really help you catapult your business to greater heights.

The right kind of content can help you feel the pain points of new property owners and empower them to find the solutions with your help. You can clearly depict how hiring property managers can easily solve all their problems. But while you are explaining the benefits of your services, do not get down selling your services aggressively. Focus on educating and positioning your company as a trusted authority. The leads and inquiries will follow.

  1. List the detailed services you offer on your website

Make sure your website reflects the type of organizations you are, the kinds of services you offer and the tools you use and how the owners should acquire your services. While doing so do not hesitate to put on the cost information on your website for the various services you offer. This will help the property owners to know how to take the next step and become a new lead that your company can turn into a client for years to come.

  1. Use affiliate marketing to boost your marketing reach

Property managers do not serve the needs of their customers in a vacuum, they have real property and to manage this they also need a host of other vendors. For example, real estate attorney, banks, handyman and not to forget, house cleaners, etc. All of these professionals or organizations join together to form a network for marketing purposes. When you can go and recommend these vendors, they can do the same thing for you, right?

  1. Trigger word of mouth referrals

Does your job as a property manager involve improving the civic life of the properties where you manage a property? If not then you are missing out on making prospective connections with the community members. Instead of opting for only digital marketing methods, you should go and attend all the community meetings and other town hall events.

Another important word of mouth referral can come from real estate agents. Think about it. Anytime someone is looking to buy or sell a rental property or investment, they are working with real estate agents. By partnering with real estate agents, you can get warm, word of mouth property management leads referred right to you before they even start to think about searching for a property management company.

The more active you can be offline, and of course, online, the better it will be for your company to gain more popularity and achieved the desired growth levels.


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