New Technologies That Make Online Shopping Easier


Online shopping is replacing a lot of malls and physical stores. It’s proven that, in the last few years, people do almost 60% of their shopping on the internet. 

With the rise of online shopping, there are new technologies that manage to make the purchasing process a whole lot easier. People didn’t trust online shops a few years ago, but almost everyone shops there now.

With genius advances in technology, this has impacted our shopping experience, making it a lot easier than it was before. 

Virtual Currency

Without virtual currency, online shopping wouldn’t even be a thing. Nowadays, websites accept almost every currency available. This makes it easier for anyone in the world to be able to shop wherever they want – it could be in another city, state, or country.

Besides creating a virtual currency, specialists in programming made it possible that payments on sites like PayPal are able to convert the money from any country into dollars or euros. This way, people have more access to buying from the US even if they don’t have dollars.

There might come a day where we won’t use real money, but instead, everything will be paid through online transactions.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can be applied to anything, and online shopping is no exception. Retailers have begun to use chatbots for customer service, as it is a cheaper and more effective option to treat with customers. 

We have all experienced some kind of issue where we have to contact customer service, and it usually isn’t a pleasant thing to go through. But with artificial intelligence, the process goes smoothly, and the problem can be solved quickly.


Another great invention in s AfterPay. This is a service where the customer makes a purchase, and then it gets paid monthly. This works similarly to credit but has made it easier for everyone to spend money online without it taking a huge hit on their wallet.

Mall-Like Apps

There are apps that carry a lot of stores within them. For example, Dote Shopping allows us to shop from different stores at the same time, making it a lot easier than putting an individual order on each website.

This kind of app works as a digital mall, where the customer can browse through many stores and place one order containing items from different stores.

Final Thoughts

The online shopping experience has evolved from what it used to be, making it easier for the population to buy online rather than going to a store.


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