Top 5 reasons to go on a desert safari in Dubai


A visit to Dubai is a dream-come-true moment for most of the travel buffs in the world. When you think of Dubai, the first visuals that flash through your mind will have high rises, vibrant nightlife, luxury, and classy restaurants. This glossy side of the city is attracting tourists from around the globe. Do you love to see the natural landscape of the city which is tranquil and soulful? Then, head to the deserts and admire the unique terrain which has many adventures and entertainment for you.

Desert safari is an exciting option to send a happy day out among the red dunes. It is an inevitable escape from the hectic ambiance of the city.

Feel the adrenaline rush

Desert is the best place to sate your adrenaline rush. An exciting desert safari package will have many adventurous activities on the sand. People of all ages will enjoy the day to the fullest with the thrilling activities. Following are the main desert adventures in Dubai:

  •         Dune bashing: Hit the dunes in great speeds. Dune bashing is all about rocking the dunes in an SUV at varying speeds. It will be the most spine-tingling adventure in a desert safari. You will hold on tight and scream with fear and delight. Climbing up the dune and dropping swiftly will give you goosebumps.
  •         Quad biking: Quad biking is for the passionate riders out there. Ride over the dunes on a stylish quad bike. Newbies can practice under the instructors and go for the crazy ride. Go easy as the instructors will ensure your safety.
  •         Camel riding: Camels are lovely and gentle creatures in the desert. These creatures are known as ships of the desert as they were the only means of transportation in the past. Hop on them to taste the old lifestyle of Arabs.
  •         Sandboarding: There is no better way to get in touch with the sand. Take a sandboard, tie it on your feet, and ski down the tall dunes. Don’t worry, even if you fall, the soft sand won’t hurt you a little. This is also a great opportunity to learn sandboarding as it is 100 per cent safe.

When you book a desert safari package with a tour company, they will provide all the equipment for adventure on the sand. It means that you can go empty-handed and everything will be in place as you reach. All you have to do is to have fun at its best. Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes as, by the time you are done with the adventures, you will be covered with sand.

Endless entertainment

Desert safari takes entertainment to the next level. On this trip, people of all ages will be amused with the different shows arranged in the Bedouin camps. Professional dances will rock the stage and give you a visual treat.

  •         Tanoura: It is an Egyptian folklore dance which has turned into a popular tourist attraction in Dubai. The Sufi-style dance is a treat to the senses with the male dancer wearing a colorful and illuminated skirt. The skirt and props used by the dancer are the main elements which attract the attention of the audience. The dancer will spin continuously till the end.
  •         Fire show: Get ready to be wondered with fire. The performer will create fiery images in front of you. It will include fire breathing, fire twirling, and fire dancing. Hold your breath and watch the magnificent performance.
  •         Belly dance: Well, this is a showstopper on the trip. A woman will showcase a sensuous dance performance, which mainly involves hip movements. Belly dance is enhanced with the use of props like wings and veils. In fact, a trip to Dubai is incomplete without seeing a belly dance.
  •         Smoke a shisha: Smoke a hubbly bubbly shisha with your friends. Try different flavors like grape, mint, and lemon.
  •         Get a henna tattoo: Women can make their hands more beautiful by getting some henna tattoos. Skilled women will paint some beautiful Arabic henna designs on your hands.

Admire the history

A day in the desert will give you chances to know the history of Dubai at close quarters. Can you believe that this lustrous city was once just a long stretch of sand? The camps in which you will spend time in a desert safari resemble those built by the Bedouins. They were the nomadic Arabs who settled in the deserts during the early days. This journey will let you ponder over their lifestyle and the significant history of Dubai.

Savor traditional Arabic food

The trip to the desert will end with a toothsome barbecue dinner. After trying all the spine-tingling adventures, roaming around the dunes and enjoying the leisure programs, you can give a treat to your tummy. The dinner buffet will include Arabic, Asian, and Continental cuisine with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Don’t forget to try the mouthwatering desserts.

Chill out with loved ones

A desert safari will give you plenty of time to spend with your loved ones. A couple can plan a trip to the deserts to have a day full of fun, adventure, and entertainment. It is the best pastime when you are in Dubai. Couples can choose a private desert safari in which they will get an exclusive vehicle to the camps. In this way, they can spend some quality time with their significant other away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

When the shopping malls, adventure parks, and beaches give you momentary pleasure, embark on a journey to the deserts for a memorable journey. This will be an experience for a lifetime which you will cherish forever. It will allow you to see the desert, which is the heart of Dubai, and witness the mesmerizing sunset. Take some pictures with your favorite people and create a handful of memories. So, what are you waiting for? Book a desert safari and frolic amid the undulating dunes.


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