3 Ways to Fundraise Your Charity


Setting up a charity nowadays can be difficult. A whole host of charities exist, and it can be hard for people to choose which one to support. Getting fundraising can prove tough, and you need to use the right techniques to help your charity get off to a good start.

We believe every cause out there should receive their fair amount of income, so we’ve got a few ways to help you get started to helping those in need.


Holding a special event is a great way to get your charity out there and in the public eye. A fun run or recycling competition is perfect. You’ll receive a lot of participants, and your cause will become known by a lot of people. 

A yearly event is a good idea, and then you’ll get that income once a year. You will want to encourage participants to collect as many fundraising names as possible. People will want to help as it’s for a great cause. A weekly pub quiz is another top idea that folks love to get involved in.


This is something that can get you a lot of money to help your cause and more consistently. If you have a small office or base, you can put a donation box at the desk. You’ll be surprised that most people will leave a little something before they go.

If you have a website, you can add a donorbox or button on your home page. This makes it easy for visitors to your site to click and donate in an instant. They can even set up a recurring donation if they feel the cause is worthy enough.

Arts & Crafts

Another way of funding your new charity is to create income yourself to being with. You can stick with it too if you like. Everyone loves arts and crafts. So asking people for small donations of pieces they’ve made, or some of your own is a great way to get funds. You can have a stall at fairs around town, or even set one up on your front lawn.

Writing a book is another arty way of funding. Cookbooks are a particularly popular idea. Cooking has become more and more popular, and more of us want to cook from scratch. Walking around town or door to door and asking the neighborhood for their best recipes is a good start. You can collect them and publish a little book. All sales will go to your cause.

Get Funding

These are just a few ways of gathering money for your non-profit organization. There are so many other options and a wide range of events you can try out. You’ll soon find that people want to help and it’s not as difficult as you first thought.


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