Nation’s Top Information Systems Companies Collaborate at Big Conference 2019 in Chicago


Many of the nation’s top Managed Service Providers (MSPs) met in Chicago between September 12-14 for Big Conference 2019. The conference, presented by Taylor Business Group, is an event which facilitates collaboration and exchange of ideas between companies in the Information Technology Services industry.

The conference also featured presentations from the industry’s most influential companies including Datto and ID Agent, two key players in the industry. Datto’s presentation, by VP of Business Development, Rob Rae, focused on the opportunities in the MSP market. According to Datto, they surveyed Managed Service Providers throughout North America as well as the SMB community and say their results have shown that it is a great time to be a Managed Service Provider, with growth and investment potential in the sector looking strong.

Another notable presentation “How IronEdge Group Uses Business Intelligence to Affect Net Operating Income,” by Houston-based IT Services Company, IronEdge Group, demonstrated how other MSPs can leverage data to make better business decisions.

“The Information Technology Managed Services space is highly competitive and requires that business leaders make decisions using accurate and timely data,” says Andrew Moore, COO of IronEdge Group. “The MSP tools currently in the market can provide a wealth of information when paired with an effective data strategy. Developing a strategy for building on the growth of revenue streams from new and existing clients as well as finding ways to improve cost control will drive higher NOI for MSP centric organizations.”

The presentation focused on net revenue retention, net new Sales, Service Desk and Support Analysis and Project Forecasting as coupled with the latest tools for data analysis to help provide accurate and timely decision points.

For more information on Big Conference 2019, including details on registration, visit their conference website.


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