Boost Your Income: 4 Tips For Aspiring Authors


Whether as a side project, a retirement earner, or a career change, making a passion into something that also earns us money has huge appeal. This is especially true when it comes to writing. The very practice of putting your thoughts and words to paper may be enjoyable. However, the sensation that comes from sharing that work with others and having an impact on them is second to none!

There are several stages to the process of generating income from your hobby. It shouldn’t be done lightly either. With the right preparation, you can prevent your favorite pastime from feeling like work, and instead, keep your passion while also making money. 

With this in mind, we have put together some steps for aspiring authors to consider. In the fast-paced technological world of online courses and e-books, there is more opportunity and more information than ever. 

Build A Platform

There are a couple of steps that come before or run in conjunction with this step. Having a great concept helps. Sticking to your writing and development as anf author should be a continuous process. When writing your book, or if you have finished already, it is essential  to establish and build a platform.

Your platform could take many forms, as long as it helps you to establish a connection with your audience and potential audience. If you haven’t given your audience much thought until now, the first step is to decide who your readers might be. Try your material out on Beta readers to get a better understanding of how your book will be received. 

Once you have some more information about your appeal and your audience, it is time to improve your content and build your platform. Your connection with your audience is a two-way street. Your name and your style will be out there, and your base will grow. You will also be able to make decisions that help you reach your audience. These could include the cover image, type of publication, or even content.

Your platform will also be used to show agents and editors that you are going somewhere and that there is a demand for your book. For this reason, author sites, blogs, and newsletters are important first steps for those looking to generate income from their book.

Edit and Pitch

You have a finished product, and you have your growing platform. What next? Now comes the real work, but if you don’t follow this tip, then making money from your book could be difficult. A considerable editing process needs to take place.  This will turn your interesting story into a real page-turner. Having something good is ok, having something great is even better, and the only way to get there is editing.

As mentioned above, you may want to seek assistance from Beta readers or a writing group to get an objective perspective. Before you take that step, complete two or three rewrites yourself. The book will get better each time, and you’ll really know what you have. Be prepared for constructive criticism as well as invaluable insight into things you just couldn’t see before.

Besides knowing that you have produced something great. The aim is to get your work in front of agents and publishers. There will be in-house editors, who do a final edit if your work gets picked up. However, it is best to take the book as far as it can go in your hands to improve your chances of publication.

The writing isn’t done yet! In order to impress and catch the attention of agents, you’ll need to put together a polished pitch. This should include a query and a synopsis. These two elements will provide enough information to agents so that they know who you are, why you are pitching, what you are pitching, and why they should publish your material.   


Although the publishing world has typically been quite a traditional one, things have changed. There is more than one way to publish your book. We will focus first on the traditional route, then talk you through the hybrid and self-publish options. Knowing which is best for you can depend on a number of factors.

Traditional publishing means going through an agent and a publisher. Usually, you pitch to an agent, who is then responsible for getting your work in front of editors at publishing houses. If there is more than one publisher interested, then you’ll be in a good position to get an advance and progress. You can pitch directly to publishers and cut out the agent. But it can be challenging to navigate the publishing world alone, and this could make your passion more like hard work.

There is a hybrid option for publishing. It involves most of the same processes as the traditional route. It differs in the areas of control and investment. You can make an arrangement with the publishers, where you are both responsible for publishing the book. That means you might contribute to the costs of production, marketing, etc.

There is also the option to self-publish. Whether in hardback, paperback, or electronic format, you are responsible for producing and promoting your book. There are many services that support and offer a platform for self-published authors. It is important to understand the process before you start down this route. 

You’re Ready

By following these four tips, you’ll be able to make your dream a reality. Becoming a published author that earns money isn’t easy. Paying attention to your platform, your editing, and pitching, as well as your publishing options, is the best way to prepare for success!


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