Big Business: The Korean Beauty Craze


In recent years, Western beauty markets have turned to other parts of the world for ingredient and product inspiration. From Moroccan argan oil to Greek Saffron and Canadian Maple, the global economy is also bringing globally inspired beauty products. 

Natural ingredients have often played a role in skin and hair care, but now we look to other parts of the world for beauty regimes and techniques too. One of the biggest influences on beauty regimes and products has been from Korea. The flawless skin and focus on care and beauty have meant big business for Korean products. 

With the ten-step regimen and other key features, it has proven to have beauty values that we can admire and apply ourselves. We take a look at Korean cosmetics that are helping the beauty business boom.

Innovative Technology

One of the biggest appealing factors of K-Beauty is the exploration of new ideas and use of technology to produce cosmetics. This delivers in two different ways. 

One result of Korean innovation is research-based products that don’t rely on showy packaging or wild claims. It is a competitive market; therefore, products need to deliver.

On the other hand, technological advances have meant that K-Beauty can deliver products that are cost-effective but still maintain quality. Changing eye color is one of the key K-beauty trends, and cheap colored contacts are a big seller in the market, thanks to technological innovation.

Culture of Beauty

K-Beauty culture offers a very different approach. In the US, 10-15 step skincare regimes with a focus on makeup are more popular. Korean and Asian regimes often require 25 steps or more and focus almost entirely on skincare. This new way of doing things has caught our attention, especially as we see more of the excellent results that these regimens produce.

Perhaps the most significant product from the K-Beauty industry is the sheet mask. They tick all of the boxes, inexpensive, require only a little time (and you can relax) and give you glowing skin. It is no surprise that there are now lots of Korean sheet masks on the market for us to choose from.  

Unique and Traditional

We all love something new and exciting. Even better when it isn’t shallow or just a fad but has roots in something older, with some heritage. K-Beauty delivers once again with unique ingredients and time-old traditions. 

Starfish essence and snail mucin are two of the more unusual and strange-sounding products. But for every weird ingredient, Korean cosmetics are matched with items inspired by ancient wisdom such as volcanic clay and ginseng. In the past, cosmetics were made from the natural resources available, and they seem to do the trick!

The Bottom Line

With so many appealing qualities, it is no surprise that Korean beauty is big business. The next hurdle is to see if it stands the test of time, although it looks as though it is here to stay. 


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