Five Essential Things to Do After an Accident


Car accidents can happen at any time. We know it’s no fun to be in one or even witness one. But from the moment it happens, there are a few things you should do to avoid any further issues.

Check for Injuries

Accidents are scary things, and they can maim or even kill. It doesn’t even have to be your fault, but you may be the one to get injured. It’s best not to move immediately after any impact. Even small ones could leave you with whiplash. 

When an accident isn’t your fault, you might find yourself in need of a lawyer to get financial compensation. Depending on your location, you’ll hire different legal teams. According to a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver the legal process can be overwhelming, which is why we suggest speaking to an attorney. 

Exchange Insurance Information.

Unless you’re putting yourself or others at risk, one of your first priorities should be to exchange insurance information. It’s essential to do this only if you or the other driver isn’t injured. 

You’ll need to share your full name and address with everyone involved in case any follow-ups are required. You should also provide contact details at this time, especially if there are damages to your vehicle. Next, exchange insurance details and if necessary show those involved a copy of your insurance certificate. Lastly, you’ll need each other’s drivers license numbers.

Record Details

Once you’ve got the information about the other driver and anyone else involved, you should begin recording additional information about the accident. This includes where it happened, what cars are involved, how many people are involved, and any witnesses that saw it all happen.

These details will be necessary whenever any reports are made to the police or insurance agencies. They may also help you if the situation ever gets escalated to court.

Take Photos

Taking photos ensures you have evidence of the damages caused. This is important as occasionally some people may further damage their own cars to get more money from your insurance. 

Take photos from a variety of angles and around all involved vehicles. If there are any injuries, these should also be photographed. It is vital that you know what to take pictures of. When we have been in a traumatic situation sometimes our critical thinking can switch off. Stay calm and try to get pictures of anything and everything. 

Report the Incident to Your Insurance Agency

Regardless of whether you want to file for a claim or not, you should always contact your insurance company after any accident. This is in case the other driver claims you. It’s best if your agency knows your side before receiving the news from another’s agency.

If you need any advice when filing a claim, there are some great online resources that can walk you through everything. Remember to always keep copies of all documents and take notes on everything. 

Getting Back on the Road.

Accidents may be scary, but they don’t have to be. With the bits of knowledge you’ve just learned you’ll be ready to handle any accident that happens, though hopefully, you’ll never need to.


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