Why Texting Is Overtaking Calling – And What You Can Do About It


In June 2019, Americans received 4.4 billion telemarketing calls just in the month of June. The uptick of this annoyance has caused people to stop answering the phone, especially if it’s from an unknown number. They don’t want to waste their time or get more calls in the future.

Because of this, businesses are struggling to connect with customers over phone calls. Fortunately, most cell phone owners are still receptive text messages.

Keep reading to learn about the texting takeover and how businesses can be successful with this new challenge.

Millennials Want to Multitask

With the Millennial generation now being the majority of the workforce, appealing to their communication style is in the best interest of any business. Growing up with technology at their fingertips, they’re in a constant state of multi-tasking.

During a phone call, it’s hard to stay focused on speaking with the caller while completing other tasks – some of which may be pertinent to the call. When they receive a text message, however, they can respond at their convenience.

Plus, they can perform research before responding – a convenience that isn’t as easy to do over the phone when a response is expected instantly.

A New Level of Sharing

Only 30% of the population is auditory learners – those who learn best through hearing. On the other hand, over 65% of people today are visual learners. They need to see drawings, graphics, charts, and images to truly understand what’s being communicated.

On a phone call, the only way to communicate is verbally, which means 65% of people businesses speak to won’t remember or understand everything that’s said.

Text messages, on the other hand, allow senders to share a variety of file types, from images to sketches. These visual forms of communication give multiple opportunities for the sender and recipient to communicate. Fortunately for the auditory learners, voice messages are also an option via text if a phone call isn’t possible.

How Businesses Are Taking Advantage of Texting

From dental offices to restaurants and everything in between, many businesses today are leveraging text message marketing to communicate with customers. Whether it’s to remind them of an upcoming reservation or to request feedback, companies are realizing the power of texting.

In fact, open rates for businesses sending texts as compared to emails speak for themselves: an astounding 90% to 20% respectively. The higher rate is a clear reflection of recipient’s opinion about communicating via texting.

Put simply, texts are more trustworthy, personal, and trusted than email marketing. Plus, mobile phone users are more likely to clear out their text message notifications faster than their email, an inbox that gets cluttered much quicker.

Why Small Businesses Should Be Texting Their Customers

If you’re a small business managing leads and customers, keeping up with all of the communications can be overwhelming between phone calls, voicemails, texts, emails, social media messages, and more.

The good news is you can funnel all communication that comes through your company phone number in to one business phone app, like Ninja Number. When it comes to communicating with your leads and customers, this technology enables you to instantly text with them without mixing your personal and business text messages.

Business owners love that Ninja Number doesn’t just offer the convenience of texting. It also automatically transcribes a voicemail and lets the owner respond to that transcription as a text message – a key feature only offered by this business phone app.

Learn more about Ninja Number so you can manage your business’s texting and phone calls with ease, all in one place.


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