The Benefits of Cannabinoids Found In Wild Hemp


The legalization of cannabis brought a lot of questions, the primary one being: what are its benefits? 

Hemp (also known as Cannabis sativa L.) is a plant widely known for its medicinal applications, however its usefulness as a medical treatment has often been overshadowed by psychoactive properties of its more infamous cousin, cannabis. 

According to Wild Hemp’s website, the majority of people believe that most cannabinoids are psychoactive – an idea that is simply untrue. While THC-rich cannabis does have psychotropic properties, wild hemp and industrial hemp have a much lower level of THC – typically less than 0.3%. Instead, they are rich in other beneficial cannabinoids like CBD and CBG, which research shows have real potential for medical use. 

While some people do use the drug recreationally, hemp and CBD have helped many people to alleviate pain and anxiety – without the high. Now, let’s look at some benefits of CBD. 

Manage Stress and Anxiety 

Studies show that CBD can reduce cortisol levels (a stress hormone) by reducing the breakdown of chemicals such as serotonin (the happiness hormone). 

Consuming CBD through an oil tincture or capsule may help reduce the daily stress and anxiety, and promote an overall sense of mental wellness. Taking a few drops of CBD oil or smoking it using a vape can provide instant relaxation your body and mind. 

Reduce Pain

Wild hemp has been used in traditional medicine since 2900 B.C, however in recent industrial hemp has primarily been cultivated to produce CBD. The human body processes CBD and other cannabinoids through a system of receptors known as the endocannabinoid system, which can help control sleep, pain, appetite, and the immune system. 

Research shows that the human body can utilise CBD to reduce pain, by interacting with neurotransmitters of the endocannabinoid system found in the brain and the immune system. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can also help to speed up healing and decrease inflammation in the body. 

CBD in Skincare 

Research around CBD oil and inflammatory skin conditions like acne have shown that CBD can help to reduce inflammation and sebum production on the skin. Since research around CBD has expanded into skincare, cosmetics companies have taken notice – resulting in a serious uptick of CBD makeup and beauty products. 

There have been many product releases that include CBD oil as a primary ingredient. Preliminary research shows that CBD oil may help to hydrate the skin, calm active spots, prevent future breakouts, and reduce oiliness. 

Although it is unknown if it makes a difference while wearing it as makeup, it can be a smart business move given the popularity of CBD oil. 

Side Effects 

While there are no serious health risks associated with CBD, like any compound that affects your brain chemistry it can have several side effects. These side effects can be annoying, however they are in no way a threat to your health. Some symptoms include sleepiness, nausea, and changes in appetite, to name a few. 

When starting any new treatment or nutritional supplement, there can be issues with how it will interact with other medications or foods – so consult your doctor first if you want to be extra safe. 

Final Thoughts 

Hemp can be used for so many things, especially when used to create CBD products that treat pain, anxiety, and stress. 

Although it is safe to use, you should always consult your doctor before starting a new supplement or treatment, to see if it could cause any unwanted drug interactions.


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