Le-Vel Thrive CEOs: What You Need to Know


Every great company starts with a great CEO. Le-Vel has two of them. That’s right, this thriving health supplement company is led by not one, but two Chief Executive Officers. Behind the Le-Vel THRIVE experience, Le-Vel has been growing at a rapid pace. This growth is possible because of the extraordinary vision of two men: Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, the CEOs of Le-Vel. Before we uncover their secrets to success, it’s first important to understand a bit about Le-Vel and the THRIVE Experience.

What is Le-Vel THRIVE?

Le-Vel THRIVE is much more than a premium nutrition supplement—it’s a lifestyle and an ongoing experience. Simply put, the Le-Vel THRIVE Experience is an 8-week premium lifestyle plan designed to help people reach their specific health goals. Some aim to lose weight, while others want to get in great shape and build lean muscle. Regardless of the users’ goals, the THRIVE Experience can help.

Le-Vel’s THRIVE Experience supports consumers regardless of their health goals. But it doesn’t stop there. Users who choose to promote the Le-Vel brand and the THRIVE Experience can also achieve their financial goals. Rewards plans and incentives for referring others to experience the 8-week program range from free product and cash prizes to relaxing getaways.

What Are the Purported Benefits of Le-vel THRIVE?

Many Le-Vel THRIVE reviews say the THRIVE products and THRIVE Experience have helped them in a number of different areas. THRIVE products may improve cognitive performance and joint function, help with weight management, and support lean muscle growth. They also provide antioxidants, and may calm discomfort and even support digestion and the immune system. 

What Do the Le-Vel CEOs Have to Say About Success?

It’s no surprise that a company built to help people live healthier and feel more invigorated everyday is led by some CEOs who know a thing or two about how to succeed. They’re living their best lives and striving to help others do the same. What is it that helps them guide their company to the next level? Here are five keys to success from the two CEOs of Le-Vel, Jason Camper and Paul Gravette.

1. Focus First on Self-Improvement

It’s hard to improve and grow a company if you can’t improve yourself. “I always want to do better than I did the previous day, week or month,” says Jason Camper. “Set high expectations for yourself and never be okay with finishing in second place.” Self-improvement is a never-ending pursuit and it takes persistence. Paul Gravette’s advice is to work on yourself every single day.

2. Write Down Your Goals

It’s been said that a goal not written is only a wish. “Stay focused on success by writing your goals in a journal,” says Camper, “and make sure they are audacious.” He recommends envisioning how you want your life to look in 20 years, and says that in order to be successful you need to be crystal clear about the direction you want to head. Keeping clear views of the future in your mind will help you get there.

3. Read Good Books

Great leaders read. “I highly recommend Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill,” says Gravette. “Did you know almost all millionaires have read that book several times? If you master this one book, you will become a person determined to be successful.” Billionaires like Mark Cuban and Warren Buffett have similar views about reading. In fact, both of them read several hours every day.

4. Develop the “Three D’s”

“You don’t have to be the most educated person, or have rich parents or some fancy degree to be successful,” says Camper, “You just need an overabundance of the three D’s: desire, determination and dedication.” As the great American writer, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, so eloquently wrote, “There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.”

5. Focus on Your Strengths

“Do what you do best, and let someone else do the rest.” This is a mantra that Jason and Paul have lived by since early on in their careers. They not only focus on their personal strengths, but also the strengths of the company. Their focus is to have a brand that provides the best experience for their customers at every step of the journey. From the packaging they use, to the customer service, details matter.

Le-Vel THRIVE: Unlock Your Best Life

Le-Vel is much more than just another direct selling company, and it sells more than just a premium health supplement. The Le-Vel THRIVE  Experience facilitates a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. “No one gets up in the morning looking for a direct sales company, but everybody gets up in the morning looking to feel better, have more energy, manage their weight better, and sleep better,” says Camper. “You attract people based on what they’re looking for, and that’s what the THRIVE Experience is doing.”


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