Gear Up: The 4 Greatest Techie Must-Haves of 2019


Being a techie means avoiding the tech products that are only good for wowing friends and family for an afternoon and discovering items that can be perfectly paired with what you’re doing every day of the year. And the best techies gift them to others to help them exceed technological trends and the demands of on the go living all at once.

Here are four tech-products that truly take the cake. And the three companies that stand behind these gadgets will ensure that everyone else you share with can become just as techie as you are. Read below to find out who they are and what they have ready for you to use, gift, and share today and long past 2019.

On Top of Up-to-Date: The Three Companies to Know

#1 – iCoolGoods

iCoolGoods is a modern tech gifting company that meets the pace of any personal and professional lifestyle. Their creative team constantly monitors both local and international trends to not only bring you the latest of what current—and even future—technological trends have to offer, but they also give their customers a hand in the creative process too: with every product comes the opportunity to customize its look with “…your own branding and design specifications including color, copy, signatures and many more design features.” Their selection of tech goods already anticipates what modern life is and what it will be, and with the chance to make each gift’s use personal to you and those you care about most, this ingenious gifting company is redefining what it means to be techie. With five life-lifting categories to choose from and in-depth specs outlining every single product down to the minutest detail, iCoolGoods will turn any tech gift into something truly meaningful that will give back to you and yours all year long.

#2 – Google

This renowned tech company continues to make waves but consider this: Google consistently builds towards bridging the gap between “techie” and “necessity.” Its dynamic team doesn’t focus on presenting you with gizmos that bog you down with buttons, connections, and wires. Rather, they continuously downsize their products while modernizing their look so that you get the best of modern technology as it fits into daily living and already knows what you need at home and far beyond. There’s less to buy and more to update, showing that Google is committed to investing into what you buy and gift rather than having you purchase a whole new tool just to keep up with the latest trends.

#3 – Motiv

Every fitness techie has seen the transformation that comes when a health-focused tech company like Motiv is involved. Holding untold tech power in such a small package, the Motiv company specializes in creating fitness trackers that exist to simply “…make your life better.” The Motiv Ring helps take one’s health and lifestyle seriously without being burdened by anything more than a ring and a simple app compatible to your health and your security. Discreet as it monitors your health and so much more, a Motiv Ring is the ideal product to keep you far ahead of modern fitness tracking, and it will also let those you gift to start or continue their own health journey with great success.

And Now Your Top 4

You can be sure that you’ll get all the specs you need to become an expert on these tech products and also get you excited to share the wealth after you’re done placing your own orders.

iCoolGoods Semi-Automatic Car Cover ($370.00)

The iCoolGoods Semi-Automatic Car Cover is a one-time investment that will keep your vehicle protected and secure through all seasons and conditions. This foldable, portable covering sets up easily and automatically unfolds and closes with the simple push of a button. And this covering is for more than just shade; its double-windproof surface area of around 14’ x 8’ protects your vehicle from sun, rain, and falling debris so that you can leave and return to the vehicle just as you left it. Sturdy supports and a gentle frame make the whole cover formidable to protect your car from scratches and dents as it simultaneously deters any thieves that would try to remove it. Weighing only 10.58 lbs. and taking up little space with its 7.87” x 7.87” x 32.68” frame, it won’t get in the way of anything else you’ve got in the trunk. For an additional techie surprise, this cover can also be used apart from your vehicle, acting as a mobile covering that can give you just as much safety as it does your car.

iCoolGoods Magnetic Self-Stirring Mug ($48.00)

iCoolGoods’ Magnetic Self-Stirring Coffee Mug is a double-layer stainless steel beverage container that uses automatic PTFE rotor technology to stir your drink, whether hot or cold, until it’s perfect for drinking. Its design is far past the typical ON/OFF button, allowing you to keep on the go without having to think twice about your protected, self-stirring companion. Built to be IPX5 Waterproof and fortified with food-grade 304 stainless steel, this perfectly sized thermal beverage container won’t hold you back as you head out the door.

Google Nest Hub Max ($229.00)

The Google Nest Hub Max is the device that brings limitless connection, home security, and modern well-being into perfect harmony. Its 9.85” x 3.99” x 7.19” size makes it a light, moderately-sized assistant that can use its built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast features to meet any one of your daily needs. The Ambient IQ light sensor and far-field microphones input and output sound effectively so that there’s no mistaking what you’ve said and what you hear. The 6.5 megapixel camera will capture images and provide crisp video footage, and the 10-inch HD Touchscreen display will keep everything clear. With operating systems for both Android and iOS, coupled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, any living space is forever transformed into a secure home that provides ease of technology and intuitive protection.

The Motiv Smart Ring ($199.99)

The Motiv Smart Ring keeps your fitness and your security within your grasp. While keeping track of active minutes, resting heart rate, sleep duration, and much more in split-second timing, this product can run other features as well. Each ring comes with a built-in 3-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor, and Lithium ion battery that can last up to three days from a single 90-minute charge. In addition, Motiv’s patented flexible circuit board is fortified with Titanium to keep your tracker safe, even making it waterproof up to 165 feet. With added security features compatible with Android and iOS to allow for facial recognition, fingerprint identity, and so many other health and security features, the Motiv Ring is the most in-demand fitness tech by far.

It’s About More Than Today

It’s clear that these four tech products are easy to understand, simple to use, and are paving the way for the future of life on the move and at home. With these fantastic four in hand well before your next tech-gifting occasion, know you’ve partnered with the best companies and products on the market in all of 2019 and beyond.


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