Americans Lose Hundreds A Year When They Don’t Have To


We are losing more money than we should be because of things we do not have to do. The best way to save money is to outline the things that we can improve on. Once you know where your extra cash is going, then you can easily correct and save it.

We are always looking for ways to reduce the amount of money we spend every year. In this article, we discuss just that issue.

Neglecting Your Electronics

We often overlook our electronic devices like phones, laptops, or tablets. We don’t always protect them the way we should. Because of this, we have to spend hundreds fixing a problem that could have been avoided.

It is shocking how many people break their electronics because they didn’t protect them. Things like cell phones and tablets can be protected with screen guards and phone covers. You can use a laptop sleeve to protect your laptop when you are on the move.

Don’t neglect your electronics; it will only cost you money you didn’t have to spend. 

Utility Bills

Most of our money goes towards our bills. Our bills are always rising because we don’t take the steps to ensure we aren’t overusing our utilities. Let’s face it; we are not always mindful of how much electricity or water we use in a day.

Because of this, we use more than we need to and tend to have higher bills to pay. But how do we go about reducing our utility bills? A few tips on lowering your bills is to let your clothes and dishes air dry.

Wash your clothes in cold water, use LED lights, and lower your thermostat. These are just a few of the easy steps to lowering your payments every month.


Taxes are another expensive bill to pay. Along with our utility bill, as mentioned above, taxes take up most of our income. But this problem can be taken care of with the right amount of planning.

What can we do to reduce our tax payments at the end of the year? Using tax deductions and credits to your advantage is one of the best ways to lower your taxes. You can try your hand at income shifting, where someone in a lower tax bracket gets your income for you.

To Sum It Up

There are so many other reasons why we are losing money when we don’t have to for things like unnecessary gas bills and insurance payments.

These are a few tips on how to save money regarding these issues. By focusing your attention on these points, you can save the money that you were losing. 


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