3 Reasons You Should Drive Across the Country Once in Your Life


Driving from one end of our country to the other has been a part of the American dream since the invention of the motor vehicle, and certainly long before Kerouac and On the Road. A car is not merely for getting from point A to point B. It doesn’t just get you to the office and back home to your couch. It’s a lot more than just a hunk of moving metal. It’s a tool. It’s your tool.

Our country is gigantic, the 4th biggest in the world. What’s more, is geographically it’s one of the most varied countries on earth. There are more places to explore than you can possibly imagine, and really, what is more American then wanderlust?

Driving from west to east (or east to west) will change your life. It might not be easy. In fact, parts of it will be very hard. There might even be moments that genuinely suck. That’s the point. 

Let’s Get Practical

We could ramble on about the idealistic reasons to drive across the country, and we will, but let’s first deal with the practical.

It’s still a relatively easy and cheap way to travel. Car insurance is generally cheap if you have a good driving record. Maybe you even already have a vehicle. That’d just make it easier. Places like BrokerLink can provide insurance for your trip. Renting a car is also a choice.

It’s Time for an Adventure

Let’s face it; you aren’t getting any younger. And you’ve probably been mulling over this idea since you were a teenager. You’ve been thinking about it at least ever since a friend of yours in college drove across the country, and wouldn’t shut up about it. 

Plus, now that you’re an adult you can afford it, and your boss will give you the time off if you ask nicely. You’re not entirely sure where you will be in life in a year, much less in five. What if you don’t get an opportunity like this again?

America is Awesome

America really is great, and you’ve only seen a small part of it. There’s so much left to explore, and there’s no better way to do so than behind the wheel. You know you have a list of cities you’ve wanted to visit. You know there’s food you want to try, and people you want to meet. Plus, it can be good for your continual attempts to figure things out in your life.

It’s a good time to think or to bond with the friends you bring along. Very few things bring people together like traveling. 

Just Go Already

You know you can get the time off, you know you can afford it. Sometimes the accomplishment is in getting out from behind your desk and making a decision. It comes from doing something. Driving across the country is a life-changing experience. How many life-changing experiences have you really had? How many real adventures have you been on? It’s time.


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