Why Leaking Water Heaters Are Dangerous


A water heater works well under regular care and maintenance. But most homeowners seem to neglect the maintenance and repair, which only result in inconvenience. It can pose a threat to your property. Most importantly, your health.

Unfortunately, most homeowners hardly know of these dangers caused by these leaking water heaters. That explains why most people ignore or neglect them. 

In this article, we will discuss the three dangers of leaking water heater. Most importantly, you will know where you can get help if you experience such a problem.

Potential Explosion

There are so many causes of hot water leaks; one of them is a buildup of water. This happened when the temperature-pressure relief valve releases excess water making the pressure to build up in the water heater. That said, when the water temperature is high, the water pressure is also high.

Too much pressure can make the water cylinder or tank to explode. When this water explodes, it can burn anything around. Or, sometimes, you can get burnt or your kid.

If you wat to prevent the chances of this from happening, hire experts. Hire the hot water cylinder  NZ experts to help you repair your leaking water cylinder to avoid a potential explosion.

Bad Water

Rusty pipes can cause a water leak. If your water supply is continuously exposed to rust, bacteria, and other pathogens may get inside the water. 

This will expose your family and the entire household to harmful chemicals, which affects your health. Well, that translates to more hospitals bills. The key here is to make sure you repair all the leaking water heaters in your home. Otherwise, you will experience health challenges.

Property Damage

 We all love the value we place on our home, right? Any damage to your home can lower the cost of your home in the event you want to sell.

That said, did you know that a leaking water heater can damage your floors and walls. What’s worse is that it can mold and even seep down the foundation of your home, therefore weakening the foundation.

A weak foundation can root other problems like falling floors and walls. If you live with a family, this is dangerous.  A leaking water heater not only does it damage your home, but it also cost you more in terms of the repair cost.

That said if you need to avoid property damage, hire rendering Gold Coast experts. They are known for building repair, plastering, painting, and other home repair services. That way, you will avoid losing value to your property.


A leaking water heater is dangerous for you and your home. The first and most important thing is to call your water heater company to help you determine the leak and its cause. 

Since a hot water cylinder has a limited lifespan, you must care for it regularly. The good news is, the two companies we have mentioned above have what it takes to fix any problems related to the water heater. But most importantly, to keep your house in good shape.


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